NEW R&D Sessions

We believe that the future of the planet is cleaner and more sustainable. That is why we invest in the research and development of technologies that will allow us to make this aspiration a reality.

The challenges of the energy world and the projects that are shaping the future of this sector serve as a motto for the “NEW R&D Sessions” webinars.

In these conversations, you can hear our experts and guests discussing the future of energy, the challenges of the sector and the solutions that we are already putting into practice to revolutionize the energy sector.

Take the opportunity to learn more about our NEW R&D team. Who they are and what they do. Right here.

To listen, follow and reflect.



16, December - 5 PM

Episode 5

Ocean Energy... bound to set sail?

The next R&D Session (by EDP NEW) will focus on #OceanEnergy, a source of clean, safe and nearly endless energy that still remains largely untapped! In its diverse forms ? wave, tidal, current, gradients ? oceans hold a tremendous energy potential worth exploring and developing. Don't miss the next webinar, also talking about SeaTitan and #DTOcean+ on Wednesday, 17:00 (GMT).


  • Pablo Ruiz-Minguela - Tecnalia
  • Patrik Möller - CorPower Ocean
  • Marco Alves - CoLab + Atlantic 



Episode 1:

RES Integration and Flexibility

The Clean energy for all Europeans package sets an ambitious binding target of 32% for renewable energy sources in the EU's energy mix by 2030. According to these targets, the share of renewable energy in the power sector would increase from 25% in 2017to 85% by 2050, mostly through growth in solar and wind power generation. This is where different Flexibility options come into play: electrochemical storage, Power-to-X solutions, demand-side management, Virtual Power Plant and many other options that will allow the Energy Power System to cope with variable Renewable Energy Sources intermittency. These technologies are the core of EDP NEW's activities on the projects EU-SysFlex, XFLEX, FLEXnCONFU, IANOS, LOLABAT and CURRENT DIRECT.  

Speakers episode 1

  • Nuno Filipe, EDP NEW R&D
  • Miguel Patena, EDP Produção
  • Berto Martins, EDP - Energy Management Business Unit
  • André Pina, EDP - Energy Planning Department


Episode 2:

New Projects and New Horizons

New Projects and New Horizons: this NEW R&amp;D Session focus on the presentation of the 5 new research projects started in October, at New, with emphasis on IANOS (coordinated by NEW, on THE theme of decarbonization on the islands and demonstrator in the Azores).

There is also a discussion about the new perspectives for European funding for Research and Development, namely the new Horizon Europe program that from 2021 will replace Horizon 2020.

Speakers episode 2

  • Serena Langiano, Gonçalo Lacerda, Gisela Mendes, Paul Kessler, Nuno Marinho, researchers EDP NEW R&D
  • João Maciel, head of EDP NEW R&D
  • Nuno Souza e Silva, head of R&D NESTER
  • Nuno Silva, CTO Efacec


Episode 3:

NEW R&D Sessions: Buildings and energy performance

Buildings are responsible for 36% of the CO2 emissions in European Union. Therefore, we must dedicate a major effort on reducing emissions in buildings. With this in mind, EDP is part of AmBIENCe, an European project that works on reducing emissions by extending the concept of Energy Performance Contracts.

Speakers episode 3:

  • Ricardo Ramos e Ricardo Santos, researchers EDP NEW R&D
  • Moderator: José Miguel Costa, project manager EDP NEW R&D
  • Chris Caerts – Research activity leader from Vito/Energyville
  • Lieven Vanstraelen – Senior partner at Energinvest and President of the Belgian ESCO Association BELESCO


Episode 4:

Client centric smarter grids

This NEW R&D Session will take you to the new world of opportunities created by customer centric smart grids. The world of Energy is shifting towards a human based perspective and this session presents you two projects: DOMINOES and InteGrid, which show how the ordinary citizen has won an active role on Energy Grids. From demand side management flexibility to the judicious use of consumption data, from energy prosumers to the rise of renewable energy communities, the chances to leverage Energy assets are huge. 

Speakers episode 4:

  • Gisela Mendes, Eduardo Rodrigues and Manuel Pio Silva, researchers EDP NEW
  • Ricardo Mendes André, EDP Distribuição
  • Pedro Coimbra Costa, EDP Comercial
  • Luísa Matos, VPS


Episode 5

Hydrogen as the missing link on the Energy Transition

The Next R&D Session will bring you one of the hot topics of the moment: Hydrogen as the missing link on the Energy Transition. EDP, world leader in renewables, is well positioned to be a front runner of the H2 economy, targeting the hard-to-abate industries and road transport responsible for >35% of EU GHG emissions. This will be achieved by the development of Hydrogen based solutions already in this decade. This session will provide the H2 economy basics and an overview of the different EDP initiatives and projects, with focus on: BEHYOND and FLEXnCONFU. 

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