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EDP rides the wave of the three major surf events in Portugal

Thursday 24, September 2015
EDP Group

Fitness surf lessons and many surprises will involve sport lovers

EDP will again support large international surf competitions that mark the next months of September and October in Portugal. Fitness surf classes, where everyone can show their talent on the board, are the major attraction of the EDP area in Cascais Women's Pro, Allianz Billabong Pro Cascais and WCT Peniche.

During the competitions, EDP will offer fun activities and assorted gifts to all visitors so that they can enjoy their time in the sand and comfortably watch the pros compete. In an appropriate setting, inspired by the sea and free surf spirit, EDP will capture the best moments with pictures that everyone can keep and remember.

Thinking about training and the sharing of good times, EDP will also offer surfing lessons to be delivered on several beaches along our coastline next summer. This has been one of the company's strategic investments in the past three years, and it has already provided - through the EDP Surf Spot - free surfing lessons across the country to thousands of enthusiasts and rookies of all ages.

Under the same theme, the Group also sponsors EDP Mar Sem Fim (Endless Sea), a pioneering project to discover large, unknown and unexplored waves across Portugal. The initiative identifies locations with the potential for big wave surfing, thereby promoting them as prime surfing tourism destinations.