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EDP Fado Cafe presents a luxury bill

Thursday 11, May 2017
Companies – Edp Portugal

Carminho, Miguel Araújo, Mário Pacheco, Janeiro, Tasca do Chico and Blues’ N’ Swing are the names on the bill for the EDP Fado Cafe stage at the 11th NOS Alive’17.

EDP Fado Cafe, the seventh and newest stage of NOS Alive, which started with Rua EDP last year, will feature an ambitious bill throughout the three days of the festival, bringing together some of the most established names in Fado music, plus other artists with close links to the genre. Carminho, Miguel Araújo, Mário Pacheco, Janeiro, and the historic Tasca do Chico, represented by the Fado singers Maura, João Carlos, Adriano Pina and Milene, are the names representing this Portuguese musical genre, which since 2011 has been classified as an "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" and is a genre that is found throughout the culture of many other Portuguese artists. 

The seventh NOS Alive stage, which started in the 10th year of Rua EDP, a renovated area of the venue with traditional Portuguese set design, was a major success and was one of the highlights among the public and the national and international press. The refurbishment of this 150-metre-long street, clearly inspired by Pombaline designs, will house several elements of Portuguese culture, including the re-creation of the Museum of Electricity and the MAAT, two genuine Lisbon icons. This area hosts the EDP Fado Cafe Stage, two EDP central activation areas and several shopping districts. The project is designed by the architect Rui Francisco and the production is managed by EPC (Empresa Portuguesa de Cenários).

On 6 July, EDP Fado Cafe will welcome Miguel Araújo, one of today's most important composers, with solo work in "Os Azeitonas" and for films such as the recent remake of "Canção de Lisboa", with the major success "Será Amor" sung by Cesar Mourão and Luana Martau. Araújo has also composed songs for major new wave fado singers, such as Carminho, Raquel Tavares and António Zambujo, for whom he composed "Pica do 7", which besides being a success that will win its place in history, was also a Golden Globe winner. Araújo, a musician and an outstanding composer and  lyricist, is taking a special show to takes to NOS Alive, designed exclusively for the festival. The same day will also feature Mário Pacheco, one of the most important Portuguese guitar players, known both for accompanying Amália Rodrigues and for his compositions performed by Camané, Mísia, Sofia Varela and others. Pacheco will present NOS Alive with a recital of Portuguese music that promises to go down in the history of the festival.

The second day of the festival welcomes Carminho, one of the biggest names in Fado and one of the most internationally famous Portuguese artists. Carminho is unquestionably a major star who has shared stage and studio with some of the greatest names in the industry such as Pablo Alborán, Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte and Chico Buarque. The  artist, who carries Fado in her soul, will be at the EDP Fado Cafe on 7 July with a special show for NOS Alive, which is sure to be a hit with every festival goer. On the same day, the young Portuguese artist, Janeiro, will also appear on the stage, to present his own repertoire and several songs from the Portuguese popular songbook.

On 8 July, the final day of the festival, EDP Fado Cafe will offer a very special programme, prepared in conjunction with Tasca do Chico, one of the most traditional and historic Fado clubs, know worldwide and mentioned by the main international media, such as the BBC. João Carlos, a fado singer and historical presenter of Tasca do Chico, Maura, Adriano Pina and Milene, are the famous voices of this historical place that will appear at NOS Alive to create a genuine Tasca do Chico atmosphere. 

Blues' n'Swing are also on the bill to give life to the slows floor, which will occupy the EDP Fado Café Stage at the end of each night, in a perfect revival wrapped in the famous ball of mirrors. Blues 'n' Swing are a group of talented young musicians, accustomed to creating a cool and intimate atmosphere, with songs from among the jewels of the American and Brazilian songbook with a touch of modernity. From the first chord there is no turning back, the night will be unforgettable.

Ana Sofia Vinhas, EDP Group's Brand Director, notes that "for 8 years, EDP has been involved with NOS Alive. We have helped to create Rua EDP and EDP Fado Cafe and this is a source of pride and reinforces our commitment to music. Today we are one of the brands offering most support to Portuguese music and our connection with this seventh stage, which will prioritize national music, is the result of this major commitment. "