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EDP offering nine months' energy at the NOS ALIVE festival

Thursday 06, July 2017

The nine EDP customers who win the brand's main activation mechanism will win a month's energy

EDP, for the 8th consecutive year, is at NOS Alive and this year the brand will offer festival goers who are EDP Comercial customers the chance to win a month's energy.

For the first time at a festival, we are going to witness the real challenges of 4-wheel skating - the brand will present the first skating rink full of energy - through this activation, festival goers can demonstrate their skating skills and qualify to receive 1 month's energy. The 9 months' energy will be allocated 3 times a day, for the 3 days of the festival.

This activation is part of the communication concept developed by EDP for music and sports - "Powered by imagination". This is the brand's motto, which challenges everyone at the music events to put their imaginations to flight. This concept enhances the position of the brand in the area of music, which is already established as "the official energy of music"

The brand will have a space where there will be several activations for the public and a street with its name, Rua EDP. This street hosts two brand activation spaces and the EDP Fado Café stage, with a fantastic bill of Portuguese music.

This year the EDP space will again offer plenty of surprises. There is a 280m2 space for festival goers to enter a world of surprise and imagination where every corner offers a challenge to be met or an activity to be performed. The EDP space is always aligned with the brand's values and was devised with consideration given to concern for the environment. The structures of previous years are being reused and the stand is prioritizing green spaces, the use of natural light and recycled materials.

This environmental focus is evident in all the festivals that EDP supports. The brand offsets the CO2 emissions generated by its presence at festivals. The carbon footprint is calculated for and offset every year with a sustainability project somewhere in the world. This year, the credits were allocated to a project in Itabaiana, a city in the North East of Brazil, where we helped a ceramic factory to reduce its CO2 emissions through the use of renewable energy in its production.

It will be impossible to go to the EDP stand and not be attracted by the excitement and infectious energy that will be felt there. In addition to offering months of energy and the opportunity to skate at a music festival, festival goers will be able to make themselves up with glitter, customize mobile phone covers and t-shirts and qualify to win a hoverboard.

In the festival area, visitors will also be able to charge their mobile phones in one of EDP's innovative mobile phone backpacks that will be moving around the venue.

Maintaining the brand's strong commitment to music, Rua EDP will once again be a must-see for visitors. Rua EDP, with a traditional Portuguese stage setting, was a real success and was one of the highlights of the public and the national and international press. The refurbishment of this 150-metre-long street, clearly inspired by Pombaline lines, will incorporate several elements of Portuguese culture, including the re-creation of the Tejo Plant and the building housing EDP's headquarters. These two areas will host a MAAT shop selling articles from the museum shop and an activation where visitors can customize neck scarves with their own personalized designs.

Rua EDP will also be a shopping area with Portuguese brands that are already well-known to the public, such as Cantê, Molkot, Shoecolour and Standfor.

This area will also host the EDP Fado Café stage which will feature some of the most established names in Fado and Portuguese music, such as Carminho, Miguel Araújo and Mário Pacheco.

The festival will also feature, on another stage, the winning bands of EDP Live Bands Portugal and Brazil.  Thow wishing to visit the Heineken stage can do so on days 6 and 8 at 17:50 to watch the alternative rock of the Plastic People or the folk style of the Gelpi,

There are therefore plenty of reasons to visit any of the brand spaces and catch the mood of energy and imagination which characterizes EDP's presence at festivals.

This activation format will also be present at the Meo Sudoeste festival, among other surprises that the brand has up its sleeve.

EDP will attend the following music festivals:

NOS Primavera Sound – 8 - 10 June

EDP Beach Party – 30 June and 1 July

Madrid Fado Festival – 30 June to 2 July

NOS Alive – 6 - 8 July

Super Bock Super Rock – 13 - 15 July

EDP Cool Jazz – 18, 19, 20, 23, 25, 26, 29 July

Meo Sudoeste – 1 - 5 August

Festival Bons Sons – 11 - 14 August

EDP Vilar de Mouros – 24 - 26 August