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EDP's 10-year leadership in global sustainability

Thursday 07, September 2017

In 2017, EDP group has strengthened its position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index by obtaining its best score ever.

Today, EDP reached a historic milestone by completing a decade of permanence in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which recognizes companies leading in sustainability worldwide. In 2017, the group obtained its best score ever since joining the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World and Europe indexes and achieved second place in the utilities sector ranking.

Since 2008, the year in which EDP first gained its place in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the group has displayed an increased devotion to the assessment of its environmental, economic and social performance. This commitment towards sustainability has now materialized in obtaining 92 points in the index.

In addition to being the best result ever, this score is 42 points higher than the industry average, leaving EDP only one point behind the leader in the utilities sector. The group received the highest grade in ten categories highlighting the social component (94 points).

In this component, the maximum score (100) was reached in the areas of Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy, Social Reporting, Labor Practice Indicators and Stakeholder Engagement. Additionally, the best grade (98) was achieved in the field of Talent Attraction & Retention.

In the environmental component, EDP recorded a significant evolution, obtaining 91 points. This represents a growth of nine points compared the previous year. In this component, EDP also reached the maximum scores in the two categories Biodiversity and Water Related Risks and high scores (98) in the areas of Climate Strategy and Environmental Reporting.

In the economic component, in which the group also achieved 91 points, the maximum scores were reached in the areas of Customer Relationship Management, Materiality and Policy Influence.