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EDP celebrates the centennial of La Malva Plant with the King of Spain

Friday 22, September 2017

The centennial celebration of the historic Plant, recognized for the crucial role it played in the development of Asturias and for its integration in nature, took place the 22nd September.

This Friday, September 22, EDP celebrated the centennial of La Malva, the first large hydroelectric plant in Asturias. The facility played a crucial role in the region's development and is recognized for its harmonious integration in Somiedo Natural Park. The ceremony was attended by the King of Spain Felipe VI, who kindly accepted the invitation to visit the project and activate the plant's turbines on that day.

The event was also be attended by Javier Fernández, President of the Government of the Principality of Asturias; Álvaro Nadal, Spain's Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda; António Mexia, CEO of the EDP Group; Manuel Menéndez, EDP España's President; and Miguel Stilwell, EDP España's Managing Director.

The La Malva Plant, which started operating back in September 1917, is still an icon today. In addition to its decisive contribution to Asturias' regional development, by fueling the progress of its population and businesses, it is also the ultimate symbol of symbiosis with nature. Hence, despite the remodeling of the interior, the central facade has always been kept intact.

La Malva is, in fact, one of the few hydroelectric plants in the world to be integrated in a World Biosphere Reserve, a status that was granted to Somiedo Natural Park in the year 2000. One of its wings has been also been refurbished to host permanent exhibitions.

Designed by Narciso Hernández Vaquero, this plant also gave rise to Hidrocantábrico, acquired by EDP in 2001. And although La Malva represents no more than 4% of the energy currently produced by the Group in Spain, it still plays a crucial role in its operation.

EDP is one of the main operators in the Iberian Peninsula's energy sector, with 11 hydroelectric power plants and 50% of the Saline station, with an overall installed capacity of 433 MW. With 1500 employees and about 10,000 direct and indirect jobs created across the country, EDP España already has three million customers in this market.