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EDP and Repsol inaugurate the first electric charging station on Lisbon's 2nd Rd

Wednesday 04, October 2017

New station benefits high traffic area and follows the network expansion

EDP and Repsol inaugurate the first rapid-charging station on Lisbon's 2nd Ring Road Electric vehicle charging is now possible in a high-traffic area. The installation of this new station is in line with the strategy for expansion of the rapid-charging network, by increasing the total number of stations installed to six through the partnership between the two companies.


The inauguration of this station, integrated in the Mobi.e network, meets market needs and is the result of the commitment of the two companies to promoting electric mobility, by expanding the charging network for electric vehicles. its location was chosen to offer users the first stopping point for electric charging on one of the main traffic routes in the city of Lisbon.



In addition to the new station on the 2nd Ring Road, located at the Repsol service station next to the Airport, on the South / North route, this partnership has already resulted in the opening of four rapid charging stations on the A1, in Leiria and Antuã, which means that most electric vehicles can make the journey between the country's two largest cities with just a single stop. EDP and Repsol also have a charging station in Évora.



Since the inauguration of these five EDP/Repsol stations, electric vehicle charging has increased significantly - with 7587 kWh of charged power in July, a 400% increase compared to January 2017.



In addition to the six stations in partnership with Repsol, the EDP network also has four other rapid-charging stations in cities (Valença, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Aveiro), and charging between January and July totalled 48,582 kWh, with a total of 1785 users. In these first seven months of the year, CO2 savings resulting from electric vehicle charging at these stations amounted to 32,149 kg.



EDP has been fully committed to support for electric mobility in recent years. In addition to installing these two stations in 2017, the company has created an area on its website dedicated to electric mobility (https://www.edp.pt/particulares/servicos/mobilidade-eletrica/), offers a home charging station that can be paid in 24 monthly instalments, has discounted night-time energy tariffs for electric vehicle charging and has established partnerships with 13 car manufacturers to promote the sector.



Repsol is an energy multinational and the Iberian leader in energy supply for transport. The company operates in all districts of Portugal with a network of more than 460 service stations, 63 with autogas supply and now six with electricity supply. This is the result of the company's commitment to energy diversification in the area of mobility.



Repsol is working to offer consumers the best energy solutions, both now and in the future. These solutions encompass traditional resources but also alternative forms produced by technological development and that change our lives.