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EDP has a new corporate website

Sunday 05, November 2017

The gateway to the EDP world will now be at www.edp.com, with more aggregated information and easier to navigate. Portugal and Spain now have exclusive websites.

EDP has a new global corporate website, as well as two sites especially dedicated to Portugal and Spain: www.edp.com, portugal.edp.com and espana.edp.com. The EDP Renováveis website has also undergone a thorough refurbishment, and is still hosted at www.edpr.com.

In addition to the creativity of the design and the innovative features it presents, the group's new online network, which adapts to all types of devices, aims to constitute a true bridge between EDP and everyone related.

That is why one of the main drivers of these new sites is the focus on storytelling, with real stories about EDP projects and programs, told in the first person by the participants and teams involved.

This change intends to affirm EDP's international dimension, to align the group's online communication with best practices and to add information. The new sites also reflect the importance given by EDP to Human Resources and Innovation, which now have their own sections for consultation.

The www.edp.com becomes a gateway to the EDP world, which is later divided into each of the other sites: Portugal, Spain and EDP Renováveis. As with the EDP Renováveis website, EDP Brazil's website will soon be redesigned too.

The new www.edp.com also means a separation between the institutional and the commercial information of the EDP group, increasing effectiveness in the relationship with its different strategic partners.

The focus is on the user and user needs, and a more visual design that is simpler and easier to navigate. The design of the new EDP sites was undertaken by the Massive Digital Creative Agency.

To mark this launch, EDP will broadcast during the next two weeks a digital-focused advertising campaign that will translate, with a touch of humour, the capacities of the new www.edp.com.

To this end, the traditional digital banners were transformed into a stage where the star of the campaign (Diogo Faro, better known as Sensibly an Idiot) talks about the features of the new site.

The campaign, which will also appear in the press, was developed by Partners and counted on MEC as the media agency responsible for the purchase of advertising space.


Get to know the campaign:

The gateway to the EDP world is now at www.edp.com.

Watch the campaign making of.