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EDP Brasil invests 2.2 million in artificial intelligence

Wednesday 15, November 2017

On 13 November, EDP Brasil signed a business agreement promoting digitalisation in the workplace that takes human needs into account.

The aim of this agreement, in partnership with EY Brasil, Fiap and Korn Perry, is to educate managers in Brasil about making advances in the robotisation of processes in an ethical manner, focusing on human dignity.
In line with the guidelines of this business agreement, EDP, EY and the University of São Paulo launched a pioneering research and development (R&D) project on artificial intelligence systems for use within the electricity distribution network. 
The 2.2 million euro investment will fund an 18-month project which will examine the effects of process automation using state-of-the-art robots. The initiative aims to set up a monitoring centre for disruptive technologies that conducts analysis into their impact on the training and management of the workforce, as well as other relevant topics. This study will make it possible to identify, measure and minimise the socio-economic and cultural shifts brought about by applying new forms of technology, helping to determine a new professional profile for employees and management teams within companies.
This unprecedented study will allow first generation robots to be used. These make it possible to automate manual and repetitive processes, freeing people up to spend time on more analytical and creative tasks. Afterwards, the same study will be conducted using robots from the third generation or higher, which make use of artificial intelligence. These are capable of learning how to identify “patterns”.
In October 2017, the project became part of EDP’s R&D programmes, ensuring originality and forward thinking.