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CEO of EDP Brazil awarded the Order of Business Merit of the Portuguese Republic

Thursday 23, November 2017

Miguel Setas has been at the head of the company´s management in Brazil for 10 years

The President of EDP Brazil, Miguel Setas, was today decorated by the Portuguese ambassador to Brazil, Jorge Cabral, with the Grand Officer of the Order of Business Merit of the Portuguese Republic, in the business category. The distinction, which is awarded by the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, is intended to distinguish entrepreneurs or workers with relevant services in the development or appreciation of wealth in the country.

"I interpret this award as a distinction for the organisations I represent today: EDP Brazil and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. This is not recognition of a person, but a lively, dynamic and responsible business community,“ states Miguel Setas.

In Brazil since 2008, Miguel Setas assumed, in January 2014, the Presidency of EDP Brazil.  EDP Brazil has been operated in Brazil for 22 years with a presence in 12 states and currently around 3,000 employees.  In addition to this distinction, Miguel Setas was also appointed in 2015 as the President of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo, a non-profit civil association that supports Portuguese companies with commercial and investment relations in Brazil and Brazilian companies in Portugal.

The recognition was granted to the manager in the morning, at a reception for the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, at the headquarters of the Portuguese Chamber. The Order of Business Merit was created in 1893, during the reign of Carlos I.