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EDP commits to a 100% electric fleet

Friday 23, February 2018

The Group outlines long-term goals to promote electric mobility and contribute increasingly to sustainable development.

In a pioneering way, EDP has decided to take on a set of commitments to promote electric mobility over the next few years. The objectives now outlined are in line with the belief that combating climate change and decarbonising the economy will imply a greater insertion of renewables and the electrification of consumption, particularly in the transport, heating and cooling sectors.

Along with the strategic objectives of achieving 75% renewable installed capacity in 2020, and reducing its specific CO2 emissions by 75%, EDP is now committed to achieving a 100% electric fleet by 2030, which will require a strong investment in the renewal of its car pool. This transition has already begun and will now be accelerated to reduce the CO2 emissions of the current fleet (almost 4000 service vehicles) by 70%.

At the same time, EDP is also committed to continuing to develop new offers and business solutions that promote the electrification of transport, including the infrastructure of electric vehicle recharging points.