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EDP's project Sensible awarded by the European Commission

Thursday 03, May 2018

EDP's energy management and storage project - Sensible - has recently been awarded by the European Commission, in the field of Innovation and Energy, with the status of “Flagship Project”.

The project, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme, aims to demonstrate energy storage and management technologies, with the objective of providing the distribution network with tools that allow optimized management in scenarios of high renewable production penetration and, at the same time, developing innovative business models and energy flexibility management services for residential customers provided by retail companies.

The project pilot was installed in 2017 in the town of Valverde, Évora, and covered 250 residential and business clients. In addition to photovoltaic microgeneration systems, smart sockets, batteries and also intelligent heaters have been installed as well, which has enabled not only energy production but also efficient electricity consumption management. Batteries and an advanced automation system have been installed within the distribution network, and a system of super capacitors is also available. These are at the service of the network operator in an intelligent network operational environment. The project is in its field demonstration phase, in Valverde, and the stages of specification, solution development and laboratory analysis have been successfully completed.

The demonstration component of SENSIBLE is led by NEW R&D/Labelec and is supported by the crucial participation of EDP Distribuição. This is a large international project with a budget of 15 million euros, involving 15 partners from six European countries.

This recognition follows a very positive evaluation by the European Commission of the work and ambition of the project and "acknowledges the work undertaken and places an even greater emphasis on the excellence of the demonstration work that is still ongoing. It is a demonstration of the group's ability to anticipate and execute, from Renewables to Networks, now also through energy storage and flexibility management,” said Marques da Cruz, EDP Group administrator.