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EDP's Environmental Management is certified by the most relevant global standard

Friday 08, June 2018

EDP's Corporate environmental management system successfully moved to the new standard introduced by ISO 14001: 2015 following the audit process recently completed by Lloyd's.

More demanding in the introduction of context in environmental management, compliance with the new standard implies greater attention to risk analysis or incorporation of the society's expectations of the company's strategy.

The certification of the environmental management systems is part of the sustainability objectives defined by the EDP Group for 2020. The goal is to achieve 100% for activities with significant environmental impact by the end of the decade.

“ISO 14001 is the most important global standard. It sets demanding requirements for the effective management of the environmental aspects of organizations' activities. The adoption of these requirements allows for the control and prevention of risks, as well as for the reduction of adverse impact on the environment in the different phases of the life cycle of products and services and always within the framework of continuous improvement, "explains Sara Goulartt, the head of the Climate and Environment area in the Sustainability Division.

There are already several business units and companies of EDP Group that have had their management systems certified under ISO 14001: 2015. The corporate system, whose function is to ensure strategic coherence of commitments and performance in line with the guiding principles set out in the Environment Policy adopted earlier this year, now follows.