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EDP takes 'The Energy of the Portuguese Language' to the São Paulo Book Biennial

Friday 03, August 2018

EDP's traveling exhibition on the Portuguese language, which has toured several cities in Brazil with information on Portuguese-speaking countries and trivia about the fourth most spoken language in the world, has reached the São Paulo International Book Biennial today.

Until Sunday, 'The Energy of the Portuguese Language' can be visited inside a 300sqm truck, allowing visitors to discover the roots of the Portuguese language, the 10 countries where it is spoken, the peculiarities of language variants in Portugal and Brazil, and other trivia about the most widely used language in the southern hemisphere.

The area outside the truck invites book lovers to read one of the titles on the exhibition shelves and meet other visitors, which are expected to number over 700,000 this year.

Celebrating the Portuguese language is one of the top priorities for EDP Brasil, which is also the main sponsor of refurbishment works at the Portuguese Language Museum in São Paulo. The building was destroyed by a fire in 2015 and EDP is sponsoring the reconstruction works with R$20 million (over €4.5 million) until 2019.

On Sunday at 7 pm (São Paulo time), the musical diversities of Portugal and Brazil will come together for a concert featuring Brazilan rapper Vinícius Terra and Portuguese duo Lavosier. The rapper is considered a unique figure in the Brazilian Hip-Hop scene for combining literature, Brazilian roots and connections with other Portuguese-speaking countries.

The Portuguese duo released their first album last year, merging poetry with a new take on Portuguese folk music. In 2017, 'The Energy of the Portuguese Language' toured Brazil and brought culture and info on Camões' language to over 11,000 visitors in the states of São Paulo, Espírito Santo, and Rio de Janeiro. In 2018, the exhibition has already passed through Mogi das Cruzes, Curitiba and Florianópolis.

Date: August 3-5

Opening hours:

FRI, AUG 3: 9 am - 10 pm

SAT, AUG 4: 10 am - 10 pm

SUN, AUG 5: 10 am - 10 am (Vinicius Terra/Lavoisier concert: 7 pm)


The traveling exhibition offers several fun and interactive activities focusing on the Portuguese language:

'The Portuguese Language in the World, Experience the Energy of Being There': Visitors can explore the 10 Portuguese-speaking countries and learn about their culture. Countries can be 'visited' on a 360° screen.

'Accent Generator': Visitors can dub poems with the accent of their choice (Portugal or several Brazilian states) and share it on social media.

'A Language Full of Energy and History': The interactive dashboard shows the meaning of idiomatic expressions we use on a daily basis, such as 'seven-headed beast', 'the walls have ears', 'putting your hand on fire', and so on.

'Spelling Bee': Visitors must spell Portuguese words randomly selected by a machine. If they get it right, they win a book.

'Brazil X Portugal Timeline': This area allows visitors to learn more about famous poems from the two countries, with information on the authors, date, style, etc.

'EDP and the Portuguese Language Museum': A panel inside the truck with photos and information about the reconstruction of the Museum.

External area: 'Cover face' with book covers, exclusive posters with the visitor's favorite literary quote, a reading area with a bookshelf filled with books, bean bags and chairs. Saturday and Sunday, at 5.30 pm, the LED panel turns into a movie screen and shows movie classics inspired by Brazilian literature.