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EDP offers more than 1,300 race bibs for several races in the Iberian Peninsula

Monday 13, August 2018

Running enthusiasts will be able to win race bibs for several events to be held in Portugal and Spain

EDP offers race bibs for five races in Portugal and Spain:

  • EDP Running Wonders, Dão: September 23

  • EDP Lisbon Marathon: October 14

  • EDP Bilbao Night Marathon: October 20

  • EDP Running Wonders, Coimbra: October 21

  • EDP Trinidad Alfonso Marathon, Valencia: December 2

The campaign starts today, August 13, and will run for two weeks. About 685 double race bibs will be offered to EDP Comercial customers.

To win these race bibs, EDP Comercial customers must join the competition on the website comunidade.edp.pt.

To become one of the winners, simply match the various racing-related images below each card. If you are one of the fastest players, you will win a double race bib for a race of your choice.

With a well-defined strategy in the field of sports, EDP is a pioneer in sponsoring running events. The company has been sponsoring running events for two decades and plays an important role in its increasing popularity in Portugal. This investment has also reached Spain, where the company sponsors various events. 

Known as the 'official energy of sports', EDP sponsors several other events such as the Portugal Bike Tour and the World Bike Tour.