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EDP accelerates electric mobility in Spain with 40 new charging stations

Tuesday 28, August 2018

These new charging stations add up to the 12 units already operating in Asturias, in an investment that already exceeds €600,000. The deployment of 9 new stations is already under study or in the implementation stage.

Electric mobility is one of the pillars of EDP's global strategy, as evidenced by the Group's most recent initiatives. In addition to this important contribution to the energy transition in Asturias, where EDP has a large customer pool, the recent inauguration of Latin America's largest electric corridor makes it possible for an electric car to travel between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (Brazil). The company has also made a commitment to electrify 100% of its light vehicle fleet by 2030 and has been focusing on the development of new commercial solutions to streamline the energy transition.

In Asturias, the goal is to provide the region with the necessary infrastructure to boost the use of electric vehicles. Drivers' enthusiasm is offsetting the initial investment: even before the implementation of the new charging stations, about 300 customers were already using the existing 12 units, amounting to a monthly average of 1,000 KWh.

The new charging stations are part of the Movalt Infrastructure Plan, which sponsors projects that boost electric mobility in Spain. EDP has also created a mobile app - EDP Moveon - which allows electric vehicle drivers to find the nearest charging station, with details about the location and loads.