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EDP invests in charging stations for electric fleets in partnership with Efacec

Thursday 13, September 2018

A pilot station next to MAAT marks the launch of a network that will complement the public infrastructure. The Group's mobility strategy also creates innovative solutions which are tailored to consumers.

EDP is set to invest in a network of fast charging stations for companies' electric fleets. This network, which was designed to complement the public charging station infrastructure, is an important step in the Group's mobility strategy and provides a clear response to the growing consumption needs and urban planning challenges cities have been facing.

With two fast chargers, the pilot station that has now been deployed next to the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) in Lisbon marks the launch of this innovative e-hub network - a network which EDP wants to expand into other locations, for which purpose it is already negotiating with potential users and municipalities. Powered by Efacec technology, this project is fully aligned with the ambitions of the Group, which wants to play a central role in the evolution of electric mobility, contributing decisively to the decarbonization process through the electrification of consumption.

The launch of this new network was announced today at the Lisbon Mobi Summit, an event to be held until September 16 which has been crucial to the evolution of the electric mobility debate, enabling the rapid development of mobility solutions that generate business opportunities while also creating benefits for society.
The strategy presented by EDP also takes into account consumer needs. With significant investments already made in public charging stations located in Spain, Brazil and Portugal (where EDP maintains its unwavering commitment to the Mobi.e network), the Group is now launching, in partnership with Efacec, a new solution for domestic charging stations. 

The EDP Wallbox, a device that makes it possible to charge electric vehicles at home, is also available by subscription and will include the edp re:dy system, an app that allows customers to manage and monitor their electricity consumption. Besides being highly competitive, this solution, to be launched in October, will provide a more efficient management of the charging process, ensuring a balance between the household's everyday consumption flows and the charging of electric vehicles.

Also in partnership with Efacec, EDP is developing a solution for condominiums and communal parking lots, which will be available in the first quarter of 2019. This solution will make it possible to differentiate electric charging consumption from the condominium's everyday consumption, thus making individual payments easier.
The Group's ongoing investment in this area also seeks to raise awareness and promote electric mobility. This goal has now materialized in a new advice app designed to support future users in the adoption of electric vehicles. Developed within EDP, EV.X simulates an electrical experience adapted to the user's everyday life, with accurate information on charging needs, available stations, autonomy, as well as on the economic and environmental benefits of electrification.

Decarbonization is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing today, and only a collective effort will make that goal possible. EDP has been making a decisive contribution to this process by investing in renewable energies and consumption electrification. "The future of mobility will be electric, autonomous and shared, and the Group wants to be at the center of this revolution, with solutions that meet concrete needs," says EDP Director Vera Pinto Pereira.

EDP believes that its strategy must be sustained by solid partnerships in order to ensure that all conditions to achieve a sustainable mobility scenario are met - with citizens, businesses and public authorities actively contributing to this change. 

EDP and Efacec (one of the world's leading manufacturers of electric vehicle charging equipment) have formed a wide-ranging partnership to further develop electric mobility and charging solutions, as well as other technology solutions targeted at the companies' residential and business customers. Through this partnership, EDP and Efacec will share projects and business opportunities in the various markets where the companies operate, in order to accelerate the shift towards a more electrified society.

According to Efacec CEO Ângelo Ramalho, "this partnership with EDP, which includes several Electric Mobility projects, ranging from charging technology solutions to integrated management systems designed for charging station networks and for interfacing with the electricity grid, is yet another step in the path to innovation- and sustainability-based success. We are focused on developing solutions to optimize and maximize technology and system integration, creating greater convenience and savings for end consumers."

EDP and Barraqueiro - the Iberian road transportation leader and a major operator in the rail and subway transportation segment - also have established a partnership with the goal of joining efforts and knowledge to develop, test and demonstrate electric mobility solutions in mass transportation fleets. The partnership's first initiative is the implementation of a pilot project for a 100% electric bus, which can then be extended to the remaining fleet.

EDP has recently set the goal of electrifying 100% of its fleet by 2030. The Group is a founding member of the Transport Descarbonisation Alliance (TDA), which aims to accelerate the decarbonization of the transportation industry worldwide, and of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). 

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