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EDP sponsors new Nova School of Business and Economics campus

Friday 28, September 2018

The company lends its name to the plaza of the new campus, where part of the inauguration ceremony will be held tomorrow.

EDP is one of the sponsors of the new campus of Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) and will have a plaza with its name. Part of the campus inauguration ceremony will be held tomorrow at Plaza EDP.

EDP's involvement in the construction of the new Nova SBE campus is part of a strategy to promote education and scientific development, which the group has been actively implementing over the last decade. 

EDP sponsors more than 50 educational institutions in Portugal, Brazil, Spain and the United States. Over the past ten years the Group has invested about €25 million in this area to help build a society that is better prepared for all the challenges it is facing today, and also to develop talent in all the locations where it operates.

Over the last few years, Nova SBE has become a leading educational institution, not only in Portugal but also at an international level. The institution is now one of the best in world rankings. Nova SBE offers a multicultural and innovative educational program that has been helping bridge the gap between academia and the business world. 

The partnership with EDP is an example of this growing convergence, which in recent years has translated into the recruitment of talented students from this University and the creation and implementation of training programs for the institution's faculty and managers.