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EDP Comercial announces new positioning

Tuesday 13, November 2018

Campaign shows a company that is even closer to customers, more dynamic and more enthusiastic. Being 'People's energy' - such is EDP Comercial's commitment.

Nowadays, being 'people's energy' means much more than selling electricity. It is with this idea in mind that EDP Comercial announces its new positioning, showing that it plays an active role in the life of its customers, in a constantly changing world. Diversity, inclusion, sustainability and innovation are some of the commitments reflected in the company's new campaign, which will be launched today.

This repositioning was born from the need to share the notion that EDP Comercial is changing, keeping track of the changes in the world we live in. The campaign reflects the celebration of a new EDP Comercial, a company which is becoming increasingly relevant in people's lives not only by offering more products and services, but also by the way it acts and manifests itself.

"The new campaign shows a closer, more innovative and more enthusiastic EDP Comercial, using a language that stands out for its informality, flexibility, and futurism. It also mirrors all the changes taking place within the company to align it with our mission - being people's energy,“ says EDP Comercial President Vera Pinto Pereira.

In a constantly changing market, it has become increasingly crucial to develop solutions that meet our customers' consumption and energy management needs. Therefore, EDP Comercial has created a new structure called eFactory - Energy Factory, which develops new energy products and services focusing on energy efficiency, smart energy management, decentralized solar generation, energy storage, and smart mobility. 

The campaign portrays different scenarios with people from all walks of life. It depicts diversity, showing that "we like different things, we talk differently, we love and dance in all possible ways, but it's the energy with which we do it that makes us equal." 

The filming involved about 180 people, including renowned Portuguese artists such as choreographer Vasco Alves (who has worked with global brands such as Adidas and Nike), jewelry designer Olga Noronha, whose work has been showcased at Moda Lisboa, and DJ Xinobi, who remixed the campaign's song and invited several artists to sing it to the words of 80s band Level 42.

The campaign was created by Solid Dogma and directed by Rui Vieira. Wayne dos Santos was the art director, Playground was the producing company, and Jackson Hunt was the cinematographer. The latter has won a Best Cinematography VMA with Beyonce's video 'Pretty Hurts', among others, and this was the first time he shot in Portugal. Wavemaker handled the procuring. The campaign will run for 3 weeks on TV, radio, the press, and digital and outdoor media.