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EDP supports nine projects aimed at the preservation of culture

Wednesday 05, December 2018

The Tradições Program received 67 applications from municipalities where EDP has energy producing centers.

The winners of the 3rd edition of the Tradições Program, which supports projects to preserve the most genuine practices of Portuguese popular culture, are already known. The nine selected projects will be supported with up to 250 thousand euros, to develop initiatives that protect and promote these ancestral traditions, many of which are in danger of disappearing.

The "Almoce e Jante Conosco"project is one of the winners of this round. It is promoted by the Ponte de Lima Village Tourism Association and intends for the inhabitants of several villages to open their doors and invite strangers to celebrate a traditional meal. It is an opportunity to get to know the history and gastronomy of these villages, while promoting the communal identity and reducing the isolation of the populations.

The traditional basketry and the pond corrals cultivation in the municipality of Montalegre will be promoted and preserved by the "Carrejadas" project, promoted by the Board of Directors of Baldios do Cabril. This initiative is one of the winners of this round of the program.

The project that wants to protect the work of the artisans of Penafiel was also selected by the jury. "Das Artes e Ofícios Tradicionais de Penafiel" will record the memories, techniques and products used by the crafters, and then promote the passing on of this knowledge to the new generations. 

"As Contradanças e Quadrilhas Enquanto Património Cultural Imaterial na Região Duriense", promoted by the University of Porto, was chosen for the drive to preserve the counter dances and square dances of Douro, a cultural celebration that is disappearing due to the lack of traditional dancers. 

With "The Rio Douro - um Povo de Remadores", the Recreation Center of Arnelas wants to train new rowers that excel at the art of sailing the traditional fishing boats of the lower Douro. The project's support will allow for the purchase of four fishing boats, as well as the maintenance of traditional boats.

The Abrantes City Hall wants to make a historical survey on the production of the seiras and mats used in oil presses which are made with the use of traditional esparto production. "The Esparteiro - Artes de entrelaçar" will promote traditional production workshops and is also supported by the 3rd round of Tradições.

The "Promoção e Construção Artesanal de Bombos, Caixas e Pífaros" project, aims to preserve the knowledge associated with the construction of drums and other musical instruments that have their origins in the Fundão area. Workshops will be promoted to teach the construction of these instruments and thus help the transition of knowledge between generations.

"À (re)descoberta do Cofo e sua Arte" is another of the winning projects, which intends to maintain the art of working cofo and reviving its cultural identity through workshops. The project is promoted by the Vilaverdense Recreational Group from Figueira da Foz.

Finally, the ninth project chosen will preserve and promote Sines' speech, unknown to most of the city's citizens, which is at risk of disappearing. "Dizeres" is promoted by the Municipality of Sines and intends to collect and study information about this way of speaking, to later spread and promote specific vocabulary and expressions.

In this round, Tradições received 67 applications from 91 municipalities where EDP has energy production centers. The nine selected projects were announced this morning at an event in Tomar, where some of the most genuine traditions of popular culture were celebrated. In this gala, some winners of the last round where also present, they had developed their projects of culture preservation with EDP's support.

In 2018, the Tradições Program was associated with the European Year of Cultural Heritage, which aims to highlight the role of culture and heritage in the social and economic development of Europe, as well as to motivate citizens to move toward common European values.

This program aims to value local cultures and traditions, stimulating the self-esteem of the communities, helping in the creation of new audiences, ensuring that the new generations value and adopt the arts and local knowledge, therefore avoiding their disappearance.

Since 2015, the first year of the program, EDP has supported and accompanied 23 projects and gave 400 thousand euros, leveraging more than 1 million euros. The projects supported by EDP had a positive impact in 27 municipalities.

To show all of the impact and the national relevance of the program, a special report has been developed. You can read it here.