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30 young people were selected to join the 4th edition of the EDP Trainee Program

Tuesday 22, January 2019

The selected trainees will now take their first steps in the company and learn about EDP's operation in depth.

The 30 candidates who will form part of the 4th EDP Trainee Program have been selected. The program is part of EDP's strategy to attract and retain young talent, which infuses the company with new blood. Under the motto 'The world is filled with impossible ideas', the 4th EDP Trainee Program was launched in September 2018 and received more than 5,000 applications.

The successful candidates hail from 11 countries, are 50% male and 50% female, and come from such diverse areas as Aerospace Engineering, Business Management, Electrical Engineering, and Renewable Energies.

Applications were submitted through traineeprogram.edp.com and applicants were asked to choose between two profiles: a tech profile for IT and Data Analysis enthusiasts; and a business profile, more geared towards Management and Engineering.

Although these two profiles have specific application requirements, the program's recruitment and selection process provided all candidates with similar experiences.

Given the global reach of the program, fluency in English and the willingness to move across the country or to overseas locations were crucial requirements. International experience was highly valued.

The recruitment stage ended in late November 2018, using a simplified approach and an emphasis on digital technology.

The selection comprised five steps: Killer Questions; Online Assessment; Video Interviews; Assessment Days; Final Interview.

Thirty applicants have been selected, and they will now be involved in the program's onboarding stage, which runs from January 16 to February 28 in Lisbon.

After this stage, and until March 2020, trainees will gain experience in two different business units, which may be located in 3 continents and 9 cities.

Throughout the process, trainees will have career counseling and training and participate in round tables with directors and other figures from the group.

At the end of the program, as usual, EDP group will want to take advantage of the experience and training of these young men and women and seek to integrate them into the company.

Over 90% of the trainees selected in the previous edition were integrated into the group.

The 3rd EDP Trainee Program was ranked as one of the three best recruitment programs in Europe by the European Excellence Awards.