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EDP joins the global commitment for transition to electric fleets

Monday 04, March 2019

EDP is the only Portuguese company to be part of the EV 100 commitment to The Climate Group, which brings together multinationals that are betting on the transition to electric mobility.

EDP has just joined the EV 100, a global initiative that unites the efforts of large companies that invest in the transition to electric mobility and aspire to make the use of electric transport a new reality up until 2030. EV100 is asking car manufacturers gathered at the Geneva International Motor Show to accelerate their investment in electric vehicles because the transport sector accounts for about 23% of greenhouse gas emissions and the transition to electric fleets is a strategy that will significantly reduce global warming. 

In 2018 EDP outlined long-term goals to promote electric mobility, committing itself to electrify its fleet of more than 3000 cars by 2030, hoping to reduce its fleet's CO2 emissions by around 70%

These are the goals, which are part of a cross-cutting strategy of the EDP group to combat climate change and decarbonization of the economy, which have led the company to join this initiative of The Climate Group, a non-profit institution that brings together governments, companies and organizations in a global effort to protect the planet and prevent global warming from rising by more than 1.5° C.

EDP also has the strategic objective of achieving 76% of renewable installed power by 2020, through the penetration of more renewable energies in its portfolio, reducing CO2 emissions from electricity production by 75% by 2030, compared to the levels of 2005.

The energy transition is driving greater interaction between smart mobility and the energy sector. Today it is clear that electric mobility already plays and will play a fundamental role as the main facilitator of decarbonization. EDP is proud to be one of the companies that are leading this change, with a series of initiatives to accelerate this development. We recently committed to having a 100% electric fleet up to 2030 and we are focused on new commercial solutions and partnerships to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles, says António Mexia, CEO of the EDP Group.

Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group, says: "accelerating climate action has never been so urgent, with air pollution posing a growing risk to public health and transport emissions still rising, these companies are signaling their search for electric vehicles as a vital part of the solution. Now we need a lot more companies to accelerate the shift to clean transportation systems of the future. Car manufacturers must put all their effort into the transition and start supplying the vehicles that companies want, or they risk losing their market share. " 

This global commitment also includes postal companies in Switzerland and Austria, as well as New Zealand's Meridian Energy, which operates in the energy sector. Together, these four companies that today join the EV 100 will replace about 20 thousand combustion vehicles with electric alternatives.

Check the list of EV 100 members here

About EV100: EV100 is a global initiative of The Climate Group that associates companies committed to promoting the electrification of transport and aspires that electric vehicles will be the main means of mobility in 2030.
Today, the transport sector is responsible for about 23% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In this sense, the transformation of the automotive sector is fundamental in achieving the goal of reducing global emissions. In fact, electric transport offers an effective solution to mitigate climate change, as well as reducing the air and noise pollution of combustion vehicles. The business sector plays a decisive role in this transition through the motor vehicle fleets it manages, which accounts for about half of all vehicles in circulation, and can influence the choices of the car industry and behavior changes through its investment decisions and by giving the example to millions of employees and customers around the world.
By setting an ambitious timetable for the purchase of electric vehicles, companies can increase the demand on a large scale, which will make electric vehicles accessible to everyone.
For more information, visit theclimategroup.org/EV100 and follow # EV100 on Twitter.

About The Climate Group: The mission of The Climate Group is to accelerate action against climate change, so that global warming does not rise by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, as well as promoting prosperity for all. The organization brings together governments, companies and reference organizations worldwide to promote policy and market change. It is an international non-profit organization, founded in 2004, with offices in London, New Delhi and New York. The Climate Group campaigns are part of the We Mean Business coalition, with initiatives such as electric vehicles (EV100), renewable energies (RE100) and energy production (EP100).
For more information, visit TheClimateGroup.org or follow on Twitter @ClimateGroup and Facebook @TheClimateGroup.