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New Chairman of the Board of General’s Shareholders’ Meeting appointed

Wednesday 24, April 2019

The General meeting took place in Lisbon, at EDP's headquarters.

Luís Palha da Silva was elected as Chairman of the Board of EDP’s General Shareholders’ Meeting and, by virtue of EDP By-Laws, becomes inherently a Member of the General and Supervisory Board, for the remaining period of the current term-of-office.

The meeting, which was held at the EDP headquarters in Lisbon, approved the distribution of €695 million in dividends pertaining to 2018, worth €0.19 per share. Representing 65% of the company's capital, the attending shareholders have also approved the rendering of accounts pertaining to 2018.

Shareholders have not approved the amendment of the Company’s By-Laws which imposes a limit of 25% on the shareholder’s vote, regardless of the shares held.

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