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Teatro EDP Gran Vía wins two awards in Spain

Monday 08, July 2019

It is the first theater hall that measures the energy generated by the audience's applause, converting it into kWh and donating it to charity projects. The initiative's originality has earned EDP two prestigious awards in Spain

Teatro Gran Via EDP is the first iberian theater hall that can measure the audience's energy levels and create a unique sharing experience. The audience's applause, laughter and emotions are converted into kilowatts per hour, and EDP then donates all this energy to charity initiatives and institutions.


This project has earned EDP two prestigious awards: Best Sponsored Content Innovation, awarded by Publifestival 2019, and Best Promotional Event (Bronze Award), presented by EventoPlus 2019. The two awards -- which are among the sector's most prestigious accolades in Spain -- were presented in Madrid on June 26 and July 5.



The award-winning technology that measures the audience's applause at Teatro EDP Gran Vía is based on a microphone system that spreads across the room. Sounds generated by the audience and the cast are captured and then analyzed by a system that measures the event's decibels and the exact moment when they were produced. It is thus possible to single out the moments in which the audience reacted more effusively.



At the end of the show, the decibels are converted into kilowatts/hour (kWh) and the cast decides which organization will receive that energy. This project has already generated over 71,000 kWh -- enough energy to cover the annual consumption needs of 19 homes. The energy has been donated to several charity projects in Spain.



The initiative to measure the audience's applause is part of EDP's partnership with Teatro Gran Vía, a venue located on the Spanish capital's busiest boulevard. The sponsorship -- launched in January 2019 in partnership with Smedia Group, the venue's management company -- will be in force for the next three years and strengthens EDP's commitment to promoting Spanish culture and supporting charity projects.