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Supporting Mozambique: Hope Backpacks have already arrived to Dondo

Wednesday 31, July 2019

Cyclone Idai struck Mozambique and some areas of Zimbabwe and Malawi on 14 and 15 March 2019. EDP has partnered with the Support Mozambique initiative to promote the gathering of essential goods to send Hope Backpacks to help families that were most affected by the disaster.

A team consisting of some of the Support Mozambique campaign partners were in July in Dondo, Sofala province, to distribute more than 5,000 Hope Bags collected by all partners of the initiative, that will benefit more than 30,000 people.


About 3,000 employees, as well as friends and family, were involved, through the EDP Volunteer Program, in the preparation of 2,100 of these backpacks, and also collected cooking utensils, non-perishable food, medicines and clothing for adults and children. This contribution, now distributed, will benefit a total of 12,600 people.



The Support Mozambique campaign was promoted by SIC Esperança, also joined, besides EDP, by the Grupos Águas de Portugal and Lusíadas Saúde, in order to raise funds for the Portuguese Supporting Africa Association (APOIAR), a Portuguese NGO that promotes development projects in the areas of Nutrition, Health and Education and Training in Africa.