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British startup that simplifies electric vehicle driving wins Free Electrns

Friday 20, September 2019

Ev.energy has developed a platform that informs drivers about more competitive and sustainable energy charging and manages charging at home. The 15 finalists were able to develop 58 projects with 10 of the largest international utilities.

For the first time since Free Electrons was created three years ago, a UK startup has won the global program that brings together the most promising startups in the world with leading utilities in the energy sector. Ev.energy was chosen by the industry giants to receive the $ 200,000 prize, having developed a platform that takes yet another step to accelerate electric mobility, a path advocated by EDP and the other companies that are part of Free Electrons.

The British team wants to make charging electric vehicles more convenient, cheaper and even more environmentally friendly. To this end, it has developed a smart phone application that automatically controls vehicle charging and allows drivers to reduce costs and carbon emissions. The platform also manages vehicle charging at home, avoiding consumption spikes and making charging and invoicing more efficient. The software is already in use by one of the leading electric car brands in the market.
In addition to the financial prize, which will help the team accelerate their growth, all startups agree that the real reward of Free Electrons is that they can develop projects with 10 of the largest energy companies. EDP has developed pilots with 9 of the 15 finalist startups who thus gained privileged access to the company's business units and were able to showcase their innovative solutions. 

Among all participants, 58 pilot projects were developed, which will allow startups to close deals with the electric companies. There is also the possibility of closing investments with the teams that participated in the program. 

This form of open innovation and sharing is one of EDP's priorities, which for over a decade has understood the revolution the energy sector was going to go through and the need to focus on innovation and the search for the best startups around the world.

This edition, considered a success by all, traveled through four geographies, with startups and utilities working together for weeks: starting on a bootcamp in Dublin, Ireland, followed by courses in Columbus, Ohio, USA, in Hong Kong, China, and the last one this week in Lisbon, where the projects and the big winner were presented.
In total, about 500 startups from 60 countries signed up for the 2019 edition, 21 of them Portuguese. Of the 15 finalists, two were national: Enging and Save to Compete, who were able to present their solutions to companies that have a presence in around 40 countries and have over 80 million customers.
For next year, the expectations are even higher. Applications for the fourth edition will open in November.


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