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EDP launches challenge to improve thermal power plant efficiency

Tuesday 22, October 2019

Finding an algorithm that improves the operation of coal-fired boilers is the challenge that EDP is launching to the technology community. The best solution wins a €10,000 cash prize.

Once again, EDP challenges researchers, students, startups and the tech community for a new quest: developing an algorithm to help monitor the operation of coal-fired boilers in thermal power plants and optimize their efficiency.

Launched on the EDP Open Data platform, this new challenge invites candidates to present their solution to an operational problem called "slagging". The challenge consists of finding a predictive model that will make it possible to anticipate any obstruction during the operation of coal-fired boilers—which, if singled out in a timely manner, will ensure greater plant efficiency, fewer emissions, and minimal environmental impact.

The challenge is available online via this link. Candidates can submit their proposals until February 28, 2020. After the deadline, the best solutions will be presented to the EDP team and the winning proposal will receive a cash prize of €10,000. In addition to the cash prize, participants will also have access to data which the academic and technological communities need for their energy-related projects.

The company uses the EDP Open Data platform to share operational data on its assets and launch challenges that help create solutions to optimize business operations in this field. For EDP, this is a way of getting closer to these communities and to identify people and companies with the potential to create new AI-based tools and solutions, among others. EDP believes that open innovation is one of the cornerstones that will help the company lead the revolution which the energy sector is going through.

You can check all the information about the platform and the latest challenges at EDP Open Data.