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Australian project wins first EDP new startup program final at Web Summit

Wednesday 06, November 2019

Australian startup Lexx, which has developed a smart assistant to facilitate the training of energy maintenance technicians, is the winner of the first edition of the Starter Acceleration Program, the new worldwide energy startups program created by EDP. In the final pitch, which was held this Wednesday at Web Summit, Lexx was awarded a €50,000 prize.

The software developed by this Australian startup provides maintenance technicians with information about the equipment they work with and assists them in performing their tasks. This solution will also be used to train these technicians and prepare them for real situations on the ground. Although it specializes in the aviation industry, Lexx is already taking its first steps with energy companies such as EDP.

“We are very pleased with the nine finalists of the first edition of this program, which we decided to create this year to discover more and better startups from around the world. We haven chosen Lexx because they have created a solution that will facilitate the maintenance of equipment used by EDP. This solution can also be used by other industries, and it was developed by a team that showed tremendous dedication and professionalism from day one, making Lexx an even more interesting option,” says EDP Entrepreneurship Director Carla Pimenta.

The final pitch of the Starter Acceleration Program featured nine startups from seven countries (Australia, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, the US and the UK), which presented their ideas at Web Summit before hundreds of people. 

Besides the opportunity to take part in the final pitch, these startups also had their own space - provided by EDP - at the Web Summit Pavilion 2, so that they could promote their ideas and do business with other participants during the three-day event.

Starter Acceleration Program Finalists List:
•    Barbara Iot (Spain): A platform for managing and operating IoT devices, enabling companies to manage the entire device life-cycle in a simple and safe manner.
•    OrxaGrid (United Kingdom): This startup has developed a predictive analytics solution, in conjunction with IoT sensors, which will reduce power grid losses, improve grid efficiency, and detect power grid fraud.
•    Meazon (Greece): This startup has developed an IoT platform and sensors for smart energy management, which will be tested in the management of street lighting.
•    Colabapp (Brazil): This startup has developed a platform that streamlines communication between customers and the organizations in charge of certain assets, such as telcom, water and power distribution networks, so that the former can provide feedback on service malfunctions. The platform will reward customers for their feedback.
•    Loud Voices (Brazil): The startup has created a platform that streamlines communication between humans and robots, with practical applications in contact centers.
•    Trato (Mexico): Trato (Mexico): This startup has developed a digital contract management platform based on blockchain technology, with digital signature, to facilitate the entire procurement process.
•    HESS (Spain): This startup has developed software to manage both the production of renewable energy, such as solar energy, and its storage in batteries.
•    Lexx (Australia): This startup has developed a smart assistant for the training of maintenance technicians, making it possible to provide - in a targeted and organized manner - all the knowledge they need to perform their tasks.
•    Shifted Energy (USA): Their product makes it possible to turn classic water heaters into energy storage units. Brought together in the same system, they can be used to store energy on a significant scale.