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SU ELETRICIDADE creates a new chain of stores as it pursues its brand change operation.

Monday 20, January 2020
Comercialization - SU Eletricidade

EDP's brand change in regulated electricity commercialization started with the opening of the first exclusive stores of the SU ELETRICIDADE network and the launch of a new website.

EDP Serviço Universal has already formally commenced its brand change to SU ELETRICIDADE. With this change, approved by energy regulators to increase the differentiation in image from the other companies within the EDP group, consumers will find a new designation and logo for their electricity supplier in the regulated market, which will have been visible since last Wednesday, January 15th.

Apart from the differentiating image, which will already have been visible on invoices and a large part of SU ELETRICIDADE's communications, this first phase of the operation also includes the creation of a network of its own stores, one for each district capital. Created under the 'feels like home' concept and with a design in line with new trends, the new SU ELETRICIDADE stores aim to become another point of contact with customers in an increasingly agile, clear, close and digital customer service strategy offering a high level of quality.

The first two exclusive spaces have already opened in Lisbon (at Loja do Cidadão in Laranjeiras) and Porto (also at Loja do Cidadão), with the others scheduled to open gradually until the end of the first quarter. This operation also makes clear that the current EDP stores and agents in each district will continue to provide their services to the consumer until the new SU ELETRICIDADE stores start operating.

This whole process of change is supported on several communication fronts. Information is already being made available to customers (along with being on the invoice and offered in current stores), which helps to clarify doubts regarding changes now in progress. In addition, to reinforce communication with customers, the brand change includes the launch of a new website www.sueletricidade.pt, which is simpler to use and oriented towards the needs of users. The mobile application was also updated and a toll-free automatic telephone answering service was created.

"A new name, the same company." It was with this motto that, at the end of 2019, the firm began to inform and clarify to its customers that, from January 2020, their brand would change to SU ELETRICIDADE and would feature a new image - a green tone that differs from the usual reference red of the EDP universe.

All current contractual conditions existing between EDP Serviço Universal and its customers will be maintained with the change of the brand to SU ELECTRICITY, including pricing. The tariffs will still be set by ERSE, and the tariffs for 2020 will decrease, on average, 0.4% compared to 2019. The company currently has one million domestic customers, representing 6% of the total electricity consumption in Portugal.