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EDP donates 250 thousand euros to support CEiiA in the production of ventilators

Thursday 02, April 2020

Funding granted by the company will contribute to the production of invasive ventilators and accelerate the development process to meet the needs of Portuguese hospitals.

EDP has just donated 250 thousand euros to CEiiA (Center of Excellence for Automotive Industry Innovation) to support the Atena project in the decentralized production of a new model of invasive mechanical ventilator.

This amount made available by EDP will make it possible to produce a relevant number of units, -- a total of 100 in the first phase of production -- and it is expected that these will be available for use in a hospital environment in May.

“In view of this truly unusual situation that we are experiencing, it is essential to act quickly and on all fronts at the same time. EDP is fulfilling its role, focusing also on supporting health professionals who are in the field fighting this pandemic. We see in this CEiiA project resilience, talent, and technical competence to develop a model of national industrialization absolutely necessary for the country, in order to provide hospitals with a greater response capacity at this critical time, ” says António Mexia, President of EDP.

The Atena project, which has its pilot cell in CEiiA, aims at the development, prototyping, testing, and industrialization of a new model of low-cost invasive mechanical ventilator, with simple assembly and decentralized production, capable of supporting patients with acute respiratory failure, including that associated with Covid-19. In addition to CEiiA professionals, the project involves the specialized medical and scientific communities, as well as universities in the health field.

Financial support for CEiiA is part of a series of initiatives carried out by EDP to face the current pandemic situation. The ventilators produced under this project will join the 50 units and 200 medical monitors offered to Portuguese hospitals by EDP and CTG.