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EDP partners with Gulbenkian Foundation to strengthen funding for digital projects in the health field

Friday 03, April 2020

The company has donated 100 thousand euros to Gulbenkian's Covid-19 Digital Solutions initiative, which aims to sponsor digital solutions aimed at promoting public health and mitigating the effects of the pandemic.

EDP has joined Gulbenkian's Covid-19 Digital Solutions initiative by donating 100 thousand euros to help finance digital platforms and applications which can be rapidly implemented to promote public health and mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

This initiative is seeking turn-key solutions for disseminating trustworthy information on the pandemic, facilitating remote health care, providing access to resources and support networks, and helping the management and understanding of the symptoms of the disease.

EDP is also part of the jury that will select applications for the initiative.

Applications are open until April 10 and the results will be announced until April 15. Overall, there are 200 thousand euros available for a maximum of 20 projects.

Support for Gulbenkian's Covid-19 Digital Solutions initiative is just one of the several measures adopted by EDP to tackle the current pandemic.

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