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EDP brings traditional Portuguese music to the stage with Let's Go Local

Friday 22, May 2020

The company is challenging Portugueses artists to reinvent the celebration of traditional Portuguese music as part of the Portugal #EntraEmCena movement

EDP wants to support Portuguese musicians and help maintain traditional festivals during this exceptional period for Portuguese society and culture. To this end, the company has rolled out Let's Go Local, the latest challenge from the Portugal #EntraEmCena movement, which aims to provide Portuguese musicians with a place where they can perform.

From Alentejo's 'cante' singing to grassroots and folk music, EDP is challenging Portuguese artists to present a creative concept for the celebration of traditional Portuguese music. Interested artists should also send a video of their performance and indicate the location and technical requirements for the implementation of their idea.

These ideas must be submitted by June 12th on the Portugal #EntraEmCena website. The projects that best reflect the essence of Portuguese folk music may be implemented later this year.

“This is a challenging year and we all had to adapt to a new reality. EDP has also had to reinvent itself and its support for music. Now, more than ever, it is important to stand by the side of the Portuguese people, to support what is ours, our music and our culture, so EDP has decided to invest in this area. The purpose of this initiative is to challenge all traditional Portuguese music artists to present their ideas for taking their music across the country,” says EDP Brand, Marketing and Communication Director Paulo Campos Costa.

The Portugal #EntraEmCena movement is an unprecedented project that brings together artists, brands and public and private companies in a collaborative effort to protect culture and its stakeholders at this critical moment for the culture industry. This platform allows artists to advertise their ideas and obtain funding for the project design and development stages. Private and public companies can also find talent and new ideas by Portuguese artists, as well as to challenge them to come up with new art projects, and then choose the project they want to fund.

Launched in April, the movement is sponsored by EDP - which has joined other organizations with a history of engagement and investment in culture - and has institutional support from the Ministry of Culture.