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Sporting Clube de Portugal torna-se ainda mais verde com a EDP

Sporting Clube de Portugal becomes even greener with EDP

Friday 29, May 2020

The Club decided to reform the way it uses energy by starting to only consume electricity from renewable sources, installing solar panels and adhering to electric mobility. The partnership with EDP Comercial also foresees other energy efficiency measures that will generate savings of at least 180 thousand euros per year.

EDP Comercial has just become a partner of Sporting Clube de Portugal (SCP) in a collaborative effort towards energy transition. With this agreement, SCP will start to onlyuse green energy in its facilities - José Alvalade Stadium, João Rocha Pavilion and Sporting CP Academy - and to produce part of the energy it consumes by installing around 600 solar panels for self-consumption in the training academy in Alcochete. The energy produced by the solar park will avoid the emission of 144 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent to the uptake of carbon dioxide by about 900 trees.

These will be the first of several measures that will allow the club to exclusively consume renewable energy and reduce its ecological footprint, a commitment to the sustainability of the planet assumed by SCP and also one of EDP's priorities.

Within the scope of this partnership, Sporting Clube de Portugal will also adhere to electric mobility, allowing employees, supporters and other visitors to travel to the club's premises in electric and non-polluting vehicles. EDP Comercial will install six charging points at the José de Alvalade Stadium, in Lisbon - two of them fast charging points, in which a battery can be charged in about 30 minutes - and two normal charging points in Alcochete. These stations will be installed in the club's parking lot and will be connected to the public network MOBI.E, where they can be used by all drivers of electric vehicles. When they become operational sometime this year, they will be parts of a network of more than 50 public charging points in operation, all managed by EDP Comercial.

In the coming months, an in-depth analysis will also be made of the thermal consumptions of the facilities, for example, the resources used to produce hot water, to allow a more efficient management of the energy consumed.

These energy efficiency and sustainability projects, together with a new energy supply contract, will allow the club to save at least 180 thousand euros per year in the energy bill.

For Frederico Varandas, president of Sporting Clube de Portugal, “the partnership between the Club and EDP Comercial is extremely important and is in line with the recently presented strategic vision. With it, we achieve two goals in one step, that is we start to build a sustainable path, adapting our infrastructures with tools that allow us to reduce the environmental footprint and, at the same time, we manage to optimize the energy costs of Sporting Clube de Portugal."

On the other hand, Vera Pinto Pereira, president of EDP Comercial, highlights that “the current moment we are experiencing gives us a new sense of urgency regarding the fight against climate change, motivating the search for more sustainable and balanced solutions, a vision that we share with Sporting Clube de Portugal, which is now taking a relevant step on this journey, by making its energy consumption cleaner and more efficient. We are very pleased to be Sporting's choice on this greener route”.

This measure is the first in a series that Sporting Clube de Portugal has planned out to follow the path of a “Greener Sporting”. With energy efficiency solutions and more sustainable consumption options, EDP Comercial's business customers enjoy an average reduction of about 20% in their bill, while accelerating their energy transition and contributing to the environmental goals set by Portugal.