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EDP brings together brand ambassadors live on Instagram

Friday 19, June 2020

Celebrity duos will address various topics in five live sessions that will be broadcast on the @edpoficial Instagram page

EDP has invited 9 brand ambassadors to go live on Instagram and discuss topics such as running, cooking, and comedy. Isabel Silva and her coach Paulo Colaço were the first duo to take part in these sessions, putting up a live event whose main topic was 'running'. These live broadcasts are held every Tuesday at 10 pm and promise interesting and lively debates between high-profile figures in the Portuguese mediascape. 

June 23rd - Kelly Bailey and Joana Barrios - Cooking
June 30th - Ricardo Pereira and Tiago TP - Acting
July 7th - Filomena Cautela and Rui Maria Pêgo - Comedy 
July 14th - Lourenço Ortigão and Francisca Pereira - Fitness

The purpose of this EDP initiative is to maintain a close relationship with the company's social media followers by inviting our brand ambassadors to discuss topics of public interest. 
This is not the first time EDP uses this social media platform to offer some entertainment moments for the Portuguese public to enjoy safely at home. In April, in the middle of the pandemic, EDP brought together some of the winners of the latest editions of EDP Live Bands Portugal to perform live on Instagram. With a large part of the population in lockdown, the various forms of entertainment provided by these live sessions are an important contribution to public tranquility and to resuming some normality, while also giving artists the opportunity to share their talent with the public at home.

EDP Comercial and João Manzarra welcome the summer
This Saturday - the day when the summer solstice is celebrated, and also because solar energy is one of the top priorities for EDP Comercial - the company invites João Manzarra to talk about things that can be done on the longest day of the year. The actor and host, who celebrates his birthday on that very day, will go live on the @edpoficial Instagram page with several surprises and make these 15 hours of sunshine a truly extraordinary event.

EDP joins TikTok
Since one of our priorities is to be close to our customers, we are present on the most popular social media platforms in Portugal - Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram. 
Due to the prominence it has achieved in recent months, TikTok also deserves EDP's attention. In a year without festivals, EDP wants the Portuguese public to continue feeling the official energy of music, so it is now challenging users to post videos with their favorite songs or songs that energize them on the TikTok EDP Stage, using the hashtags #edplivenergy #palcoedp and #fyp.