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EDP Comercial reduces the cost of charging electric vehicles outdoors

Friday 10, July 2020

In a move to promote sustainable mobility, the new rate goes into effect on July 15th for household and new business customers.

In a move to promote sustainable mobility, EDP Comercial has announced a 5 percent cut on the rate of the EDP Electric Mobility Card, which is used for charging electric vehicles outdoors. The rate reduction goes into effect next week, shortly after customers using MOBI.E public stations started being charged earlier this month.

Thus, as of July 15th, the Electric Mobility rate will be €0.2000/kwh. There is also a 20% discount for EDP Comercial customers: the new rate is €0.1600/kWh.

This reduction will apply to all private customers with an EDP Electric Mobility card and to all EDP business customers hiring our services from July 15th. Customers will no longer be able to use the cards previously issued by MOBI.E and will have to request the EDP Comercial electric mobility card (free of charge).

As an electric mobility electricity supplier, EDP Comercial has already issued more than 21,000 charging cards, which have allowed 95,000 recharges across the public charging network. This means than users have charged more than 1200 MWh, which has prevented over 846 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Commitment to electric mobility in Portugal.
This rate reduction is part of EDP's strategy as Portugal's leading electric mobility partner, which focuses on creating solutions and products that facilitate mobility without carbon emissions. Such is the case, among others, of the EV.X app, which allows drivers to simulate their financial and environmental savings if they join the electric mobility movement. To date, this app has been downloaded by more than 24,500 users. EDP has also been developing charging solutions for residential and business customers, while strengthening its commitment to, and investment in, the public network.
This is shown by the most recent MOBI.E network concession tender, the results of which were announced earlier this week, and in which EDP won no less than three lots - the maximum number of lots a single applicant can win, which will now allow the company to operate 382 normal public charging stations across 90 municipalities.