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Registration of Share Capital Increase

Tuesday 11, August 2020

Registration of Share Capital Increase

In accordance with applicable legal provisions, EDP hereby announces that the above-mentioned share capital increase has been registered with the competent Commercial Registry Office on the date hereof. This share capital increase resulted in the issuance of 309,143,297 ordinary, registered and book-entry shares, nominal value of €1.00 each, with the subscription price of €3.30 per share. These ordinary shares were offered to the shareholders of EDP for subscription through the exercise of their pre-emption subscription rightspursuant to applicable law (the “Rights Offering”).

As such, the current share capital of EDP is now of €3,965,681,012.00, represented by 3,965,681,012.00 ordinary, registered, book-entry shares with nominal value €1,00 each.

These ordinary shares will be issued following the above-mentioned registration of EDP’s share capital increase with the competent Commercial Registry Office.

The new ordinary shares will be fungible with existing ordinary shares and, as of the date of issuance, will entitle their holders to the same rights as those of existing shares.

It is expected that the 309,143,297 new ordinary shares issued pursuant to the Rights Offeringwill be admitted to trading on Mercado Regulamentado Euronext Lisbon as of 17 August 2020, under the ISIN code PTEDP0AM0009.


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