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EDP enters into strategic partnerships in electric mobility

Monday 07, September 2020

EDP Comercial became the exclusive energy partner of "Associação de Utilizadores de Veículos Elétricos" (UVE) - the "Electric Vehicle Users Association" in English - and joined Charge Up Europe, taking important steps in the promotion of electric mobility at the national and European levels.

EDP Comercial has just become the reference partner of UVE, the association that represents and advises users of electric vehicles in Portugal. This partnership reinforces EDP Comercial's commitment to informing and educating electric vehicle users about electric mobility, seeking to leverage means and resources to support them, and helping the consumers to make more conscious and sustainable decisions regarding mobility.

As a UVE exclusive strategic partner in the energy and electric mobility sector, EDP Comercial will soon implement campaigns and offer benefits on energy solutions, inside and outside of their homes, to UVE members. It is thus intended, for example, to facilitate the charging of vehicles, at home and elsewhere, as well as to support the transition from combustion driving to a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative.

“This partnership intends to continue the work we have been developing on electric mobility and on supporting energy transition for our customers, and aims to support the industry's growth and development from the customer's point of view. As a company that wants to lead the transition to electric mobility in our country, it makes perfect sense to cooperate with UVE, so that together we can accelerate this path of electricity and decarbonization," says António Coutinho, Executive Board Member of EDP Comercial.

“In 2020 we will celebrate five years of activity. One of the goals of our Association was to achieve a Strategic Partnership that would allow us to consolidate UVE, create better conditions for us to work and receive our associates, facilitate meetings with the various entities involved in electric mobility, as well as to fulfill the goals we set for 2020, and, of course, to offer all our associates a set of advantages and benefits when charging their electric vehicles outside their homes, when consuming electricity in their homes, purchasing charging equipment at home or the condominium, as well as to implement a set of innovations in which we will cooperate with our new strategic partner, EDP Comercial”, says Henrique Sánchez, president of UVE's board of directors.

Partnership with ChargeUp Europe to foster the European charging network

In addition to this partnership, EDP has also just become a member of ChargeUp Europe, an European association whose founders are Allego, ChargePoint and EVBox. Based in Brussels, ChargeUp Europe is an alliance representing electric vehicle charging infrastructure companies.

This association's member companies represent more than 160.000 charging points in the 27 member states of the European Union. EDP is the first Portuguese company to join this group that intends to facilitate access to high-quality modern charging infrastructures, serving the needs of electric vehicle users.

"EDP Comercial has sought to develop a set of strategic partnerships, aiming to enhance its ambition of leading the energy transition. This justifies its partnership with ChargeUp, to eliminate obstacles at the European level to implement electric mobility and, at the national level, the collaboration with UVE, understanding its essential role among electric vehicle users", says Vera Pinto Pereira, president of EDP Comercial.

About Charge Up Europe

Charge Up Europe, based in Brussels, was created with the aim of accelerating the transition to cleaner, zero carbon emissions mobility and ensuring a unique experience for electric vehicle drivers, providing access to high-quality charging infrastructures available throughout Europe. Currently, ChargeUp Europe's member companies – Allego, ChargePoint, EDP, EVBox, evway, Fastned, GreenWay, and URL-0 – represent more than 160.000 charging points in the 27 European Union member states.

About UVE

UVE - Associação de Utilizadores de Veículos Elétricos, is a non-profit organization that has the goal of promoting electric mobility in Portugal and acts in several areas (dissemination of electric vehicles for sale in Portugal and market innovations; holding meetings, conferences and training on electric mobility; promoting and providing information on public and private charging infrastructure; building a political solution of public incentives, among others), seeking to support users of electric vehicles with current and relevant information regarding electric mobility.