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EDP calls for the Portuguese to join Generation Zero and launches an innovative program that promotes sustainability

Thursday 10, September 2020

The company wants to give a voice and an answer to the concerns that more and more Portuguese people manifest around the themes of sustainability and invites all those looking for a greener world—Generation Zero—to not waste it. This invitation is reinforced by the launch of the new sustainability program, accessible through the EDP ZERO app.

EDP has just launched a program that rewards the good environmental and social practices of the Portuguese - Planeta Zero. EDP Comercial customers who want to be part of this program will be challenged, through tips and practices to be adopted, to change their behaviors, in favor of the decarbonization of society. In addition to environmental concerns, this initiative also has a strong social component, based on responsible consumption, humanism, sharing and innovation.

To access this program, EDP Comercial customers can use the new EDP Zero app or use the EDP Comercial website.

Planet Zero appears in a context in which consumers are increasingly concerned with environmental degradation and look for solutions and new ways to save. It arises from the need to support the creation of a movement that needs everyone and starts by changing individual behaviors. It is here that EDP Comercial customers will accumulate points, or Zs, for demonstrating good environmental and social practices and for responding to monthly challenges launched by EDP - ranging from small changes, such as greater efficiency in energy consumption in their homes, to beach cleaning initiatives or reforestation actions. By accumulating Zs, customers will be able to reach new levels of sustainability and gain access to more offers, discounts and experiences. There are Masterclass examples of how to reduce waste in the kitchen, how to choose sustainable food, and even how to win an electric car at the end of the year.

Additionally, to ensure maximum convenience, EDP Zero will also aggregate the customer service functionalities that until now were available on edponline - such as accessing EDP Comercial invoices, sending reading documents and making payments.

With this new sustainability program, EDP Comercial wants to invite the Portuguese to join Generation Zero - a generation of parents who care about the world they leave for their children and children who care about the world they want to live in, turning the planet cleaner, and being more inclusive. To be Zero means changing the way one lives, recognizing the importance of our choices when trying to make a difference, reducing CO2 emissions and building a healthier, more supportive and sustainable society.

“The new sustainability program seeks to address the growing concerns of the Portuguese, informing and challenging them to create a greener future. This initiative is one of the ways for us to join and talk to Generation Zero, so that together we can save the world,'' says Vera Pinto Pereira, president of EDP Comercial.

The multimedia campaign that accompanies the launch of this program started with two teasers, featuring the actor and television host João Manzarra and the actress Carolina Loureiro. On a journey between the present and the future, they talk to their respective children, who have not yet been born, about the importance of taking care of the planet today, so that in the future they can live in a better world.

The campaign is signed by Partners agency, produced by Garage, directed by Enrique Escamilla, and media buying by Wavemaker.

Importance of sustainability for EDP

EDP Comercial, the electricity and gas provider chosen by more than four million families in Portugal, has been developing energy and service plans that play a fundamental role in decarbonizing the economy and are an essential contribution to the planet's sustainability. The company offers tariffs for electricity produced from renewable energies, as well as solar energy solutions for self-consumption, giving customers the possibility to produce and consume their own renewable energy.

In the last year, it also launched the Packs Living EDP in which, in addition to consuming green electricity, customers have a technical assistance service that prevents malfunctions, repairs and recycles equipment, as well as access to a health plan and benefits that promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

The company is part of the EDP group, who leads the energy transition by setting the goals of 90% renewable production and 90% reduction in CO2 emissions by the end of the decade, when compared to 2005. The EDP group is recognized worldwide for its sustainable practices, having been part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 13 consecutive years. In the last year, it was ranked number one in the world among integrated utilities.