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EDP gives 40 bicycles to four charity institutions to celebrate this year's edition of the World Bike Tour

Thursday 01, October 2020

The initiative is part of the brand's social responsibility strategy, which has been supporting social causes in various events.

EDP is once again sponsoring the World Bike Tour, an event that aims to combine sports and healthy practices with new urban mobility trends. The objectives of this event, of which EDP has been a partner since 2006, are fully aligned with the concept of sustainable mobility, which is one of the basic pillars of the EDP brand strategy. The 2020 edition will be held on October 4th, stretching from Avenida da Liberdade to Parque das Nações. The event will follow the rules determined by the General Directorate for Health, and the maximum number of participants has been reduced by half.

The EDP sponsorship strategy is greatly focused on sustainability, both in its environmental and social aspects. The World Bike Tour is an opportunity to put these principles into practice, and, as part of this initiative, EDP will donate 40 bicycles to four charity institutions. Núcleo Desportivo e Social da Guarda, Associação Centro Jovem Tejo, Centro Juvenil de Campanhã, and APPACDM - Santarém were the institutions chosen to receive the bicycles. Thanks to this gift, these charities will be able to offer their users a whole range of new activities. The choice of the institutions was based on their geographical spread and the kind of social service they provide.

EDP events are usually associated with social responsibility initiatives. Earlier this month the company held the EDP Surf Experience initiative, in which more than 200 children from charity institutions attended surf, yoga and painting workshops. EDP has also gifted 34 months of energy to four charities, an initiative based on the 'best wave of the day' of Meo Portugal Cup of Surfing - a surfing tournament that took place this week on Ribeira d'Ilhas beach.

Núcleo Desportivo e Social da Guarda - NDS is an institution focusing on social, cultural and sports activities. It has a recreation center, tuition classes, and a sports pavilion.

Associação Centro Jovem Tejo - A therapeutic community for young people with alcohol and drug problems; it also offers an autonomization apartment to prepare the departure of these young people from the institution.

Centro Juvenil de Campanhã - This institution offers the following services for children: Kindergarten, Preschool, and a Child and Youth Home for young people at risk.

APPACDM - Santarém - This institution helps people with disabilities, offering, among others, an Occupational Activities Center, a residential home, and a support home.