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EDP Comercial reaches out to Generation Zero again with new solar panels deal

Tuesday 04, May 2021
Comercialization- EDP Comercial

EDP customers now have more options to produce and consume their own solar energy, at more competitive prices, and can even get a free solar panel. The 'Less square, more zero' campaign aims to raise awareness among Portuguese customers on the importance of a more sustainable lifestyle.

EDP has taken on the commitment to lead the energy transition process and has been implementing several initiatives to encourage the Portuguese people to adopt more sustainable behaviors. Based on the concept of Geração Zero - a generation that saves now to save its own future, through the adoption of more sustainable consumption patterns, presented in 2020 -, EDP Comercial is rolling out a new solar energy campaign.

Under the motto 'Less Square, More Zero', this campaign invites Portuguese customers to adopt a more sustainable, more 'zero' lifestyle, as only zero emissions or zero waste will save our planet. One of these strategies consists of producing and consuming one's own energy: customers can now join the EDP Solar Energy plan, with solar panels for self-consumption, from €15.90/month, with no interest for 60 months, with a 10% discount on green electricity for 24 months, and with free access to the production system control via the EDP Re:dy service. This new deal will thus allow customers to use energy produced from 100% renewable sources.

After joining this plan, customers who purchase a solar system and register on Planet Zero (the sustainability program of EDP Comercial's Zero app) will be eligible to get one of the solar panels that make up the solar system for free.

This time, EDP Comercial wanted to capture the attention of Portuguese consumers even before the launch of the campaign. Last weekend, three teasers with no apparent connection to the brand were broadcast on national TV, drawing attention to various landscapes around the world which we must all protect. The films presented viewers with a new formula: "- square, + zero."  The Solar Energy campaign then rolls out with the revelation of the EDP Comercial brand and tells the humorous story of a couple who, like so many other couples, is changing their behavior and becoming more environmentally friendly - with the installation of solar panels as an example.

Produced by Major West and directed by Paco Cruz, the campaign was created by Partners and will run for three weeks on TV, radio, digital channels, and OOH. Wavemaker was in charge of purchasing advertising space.

EDP Comercial has been striving to provide customers with the best solar energy self-consumption solutions. More than 41,000 companies and families have chosen EDP as their solar energy partner. EDP aims to reach more than 150,000 houses with its solar energy self-consumption solutions by 2025.