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EDP ​​Brasil admitted to the Spanish stock exchange Latibex

Wednesday 27, October 2021

The incorporation of the company, 19th to be listed in this market, was formalized today in a virtual bell ringing ceremony attended by the CEO of EDP Brasil and the general director of Latibex.

EDP Brasil, a company that operates in all segments of the Brazilian electricity sector, has been listed today on Latibex, an international Latin American market associated with the Spanish stock exchange. The listing of the company - the 19th company to be listed on this market - was formalized in a virtual bell-ringing ceremony attended (in São Paulo) by the CEO of EDP Brasil João Marques da Cruz and (at Madrid's Palacio de la Bolsa) by Latibex Director Jesús González Nieto-Márquez.

"The listing of EDP Brasil on Latibex shows that our governance standards incorporate the best international practices and that the company owns some of the most competitive Latin American assets in the world. We are very excited to take this step," said João Marques da Cruz. With an estimated market cap of €2.3 billion, the company will use XENBR as its Latibex trading code.