EDP and Repsol install rapid electric recharging on the A1

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EDP and Repsol install rapid electric recharging on the A1

Thursday 09, February 2017
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The partnership makes travelling between Lisbon and Porto by electric car easier, with recharging points at the Leiria and Antuã service stations.

The recharging of electric vehicles on the A1 is now possible following the installation of four EDP rapid 50 kVA electric recharging points in the Repsol service stations at Leiria and Antuã, in both directions. The project is the result of a partnership between EDP and Repsol and makes the journey between Lisbon and Porto in an electric car easier. It takes only 20 minutes to recharge 80% of the battery.

The installation of these recharging points meets market needs and results from the commitment of the two companies to stimulate electric mobility, reinforcing the charging network for vehicles powered by electricity. The location of the points, part of the Mobi.e network, has been chosen to allow most electric vehicles to travel between the two largest cities in the country with a single stop.

EDP has had a commitment to supporting electric mobility for several years. Besides this partnership with Repsol, it has installed rapid recharging points in five cities (Aveiro, Évora, Viana do Castelo, Valença and Vila Real) this year, which will be free of charge in 2017. In addition to creating a dedicated area on its website, EDP also provides a home charging point for recharging electric vehicles that can be paid for in 24 monthly instalments and enjoys discounted energy tariffs at night, and has created partnerships with 13 vehicle manufacturers to promote the sector.

Repsol is an international energy company and the Iberian market leader in energy supply for transport. In Portugal, it has a presence in every district in the country, with a network of more than 450 service stations of which 60 have autogas supply and now four have an electricity supply.

Mobi.e network technology is compatible with all vehicle marques and allows you to restore power levels by using a recharging card.