We want to maintain an attractive profile

The rating agencies regularly evaluate our quality as debt issuer, assigning credit ratings that set our reputation in the market. Find out about EDP’s rating

This rating is the result of a constant flow of information between EDP and the rating agencies, which evaluate our strategy and business plan continuously, assuring the lenders of the real risk inherent in the financial instruments.

The current ratings of EDP are as follows:

EDP SA e EDP Finance BV

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Standard & Poor's
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Long Term Rating: BBB-
Short Term Rating: A-3

Last Update: 30/11/2018

Outlook: Stable

Report PDF
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Long Term Rating: Baa3
Short Term Rating: P3

Date of Update: 19/04/2017

Outlook: Stable

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Long Term Rating:BBB-
Short Term Rating: F3

Date of Update: 14/12/2017

Outlook: Stable

Communication PDF
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