Protect your computer

Protect your equipment with an access password

  • Do not include personal information:
    First names, dates of birth, numbers of documents of identification, etc.
  • Avoid using passwords similar to the ones you used before:
    Change more than one character.

Keep your computer protected and updated

  • Install and maintain an anti-virus and a firewall system:
    The anti-virus helps to protect your computer against most viruses, trojans, worms, and other malicious programs that can severely damage your computer. A firewall helps prevent unauthorized remote access to data or resources on your computer. Not keeping the anti-virus up to date is like not having any anti-virus.
  • Keep the software you use on your devices updated:
    Update your browser, applications and operating system regularly. Most attacks are done by exploiting flaws in the applications that users typically use. Whenever there are vulnerabilities in the software that could compromise computer security, software suppliers correct them by publishing updates. Failure to update the software will increase the risk of exposure to possible attacks by exploiting these faults.
  • Use properly licensed software and applications from trusted suppliers / stores.
  • Do not install programs / software without guaranteeing the reliability of its origin in advance.

Pay attention to your web browser

  • Do not click on dubious links: 
    If, during your browsing, you see a dubious link not related to the subject, do not click it.
  • Make sure that the sites you access are certified by the symbol on the left side of the address bar:
    This symbol ensures that the information you send or receive through the site is private. All EDP sites are certified. If you access a site and verify that it is not secure, do not enter any data.
  • Check that the sites you access begin with HTTPS //.:
    his information ensures that communications between your computer and the site are encrypted.
  • Verify that the data you receive from third parties is virus-free:
    Before you open documents or install software sent by third parties, you must run them through an anti-virus program.