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When the sun rises, it's for everyone, but there are minds that shine brighter than others. How many answers can you get right?

Select an option on each of the questions and find out your level of knowledge about solar energy.

Sunlight takes approximately how long to reach the surface of the Earth?
In addition to solar panels, other solutions for the collection of solar energy in our house already exist in the market. What are we talking about?
Can solar energy be collected at night?
In the last years, a country stood out for organizing for the first time an international game of Football, resorting solely to solar energy. In which stadium was it?
How much CO2 is emitted by an electric car in a 20km trip, at 80km/h?
How does Photovoltaic energy work?
What is SolaRoad?
At the river basin of the Rabagão river, in Montalegre, EDP installed a solar plant, in a pioneering way at European level. What are the advantages of using surfaces already occupied by hydraulic plants to also install solar power plants?
It is possible to travel in airplanes solely powered by solar energy. True or false?
Is solar energy really “clean" energy?


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