EDP Renewables

Following the concept of circular economy, EDPR has entered into a cooperation agreement with Thermal Recycling of Composites (TRC) to implement a wind turbine blade recycling program based on the new R3FIBER system - a technology that makes it possible to recycle unused turbine blades, thus optimizing and maximizing the positive environmental impact of wind power according to a lifespan approach.

The recycling of wind turbines at the end of their lifespan avoids impacts associated with the extraction of raw materials, offering significant environmental benefits and contributing to the creation of a circular economy. According to an assessment by EDPR's main turbine supplier, turbines account for 80% to 90% of used materials.

The pilot project was launched in Spain with the recycling of a damaged turbine blade. 60% of wind farms in Spain - the world's fourth largest country in terms of installed wind power capacity - are over 15 years old and will reach the end of their lifespan in the near future.

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