innovation at EDP


Imagine you are at home and suddenly there is a power failure. One of the objectives of this project is to replenish the supply of electricity more quickly, and is designed to make the network more 'intelligent' and functional.

Given that the resolution of anomalies in the distribution network depends largely on the interaction between customers and call centers, the aim of the Sinapse is to develop new ways to use external information.

Sinapse is the Portuguese acronym for Neuronal System for Electric Service Disturbance Alarm. It is a partnership project between EDP Distribution and external partners, including telecommunications operators, for automatic exchange of information regarding the status of the low voltage network. The collected data is correlated in space and time, in near real time, generating a better view of the network at the operational level.

Therefore, Sinapse works as a new channel of communication between communications operators and EDP's Distribution BT Management Centers, which will, automatically, report the communications operators equipment that are without power, and those operators getting in exchange, the information regarding the Estimated Time for Resetting the grid back to normalized conditions.

With this system, EDP expects to reduce the power outage time and minimize claims and losses associated with regulatory sanctions. The project is operational, with the three major domestic operators (Nos, Vodafone and Meo) actively involved and being coordinated by EDP Innovation.