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EDP Trainee Program

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The greatest opportunities for the best. For those who accept the most ambitious challenges. This is the philosophy of the EDP Trainee Program. Because when we think of tomorrow's most talented and promising young students, we are taking care of everyone's future.

Shahrzad Mirshamsi is from Iran, lived nine years in Istanbul, but it was in Madrid, where she did a master's in management, that his life turned 180 degrees. She had studied chemical engineering in Turkey, but she always liked the area of energy and renewable energies. He began to research the  companies in Spain, which were devoted to this area. "I had heard very good things about EDP Renewable in Madrid. And that's how I joined the company," recalls the 25 year-old Iranian youngster.

That night of April in 2016, when she arrived home, she decided to enter the site of the group. "When I was online I found the EDP Trainee Program. The application period ended that night," she explains. In a short paragraph that described the project, the 25 year-old realized she couldn't pass the opportunity. "It was kind of a teaser, it said there were many challenges, the opportunity to learn a huge lot about energy. It was as if it was a surprise,” she recalls.

She did the online exams from Madrid. "When I began to pass every stage, I realized this could be a reality and I became increasingly enthusiastic," she says. A month later, in July 2016, she received a call to  report that she had been selected to participate in the EDP Trainee Program.

The project offers the chosen candidates a cross-sectional view of the EDP group, from a structured program and on a global scale, providing challenging professional experiences that contribute to the development of technical and personal skills. It has a duration of 23 months, divided into three cycles.

Shahrzad Mirshamsi arrived in Lisbon in October. "I walked into the company's headquarters in Lisbon and that was the first time I became aware of the importance and greatness of EDP," she recalls. She liked the relaxed atmosphere and the friendliness of the people.

"I think one of the best things that EDP has is that everyone is very open and helpful. I am very happy with the company," she says.

In the first three months, the young trainees are included in the first phase of the project: "onboarding". It's a kind of 'kick off' in the sense that the  trainee works in several areas and each month is responsible for presenting a project. During this period, the 40 trainees get to know the company's operating system and the teams in which they will work in. "It's been almost a year and the truth is I've got a lot of information. Much more than most people have in a normal company year", said Shahrzad.

The trainees come from various parts of the world such as Nigeria, Portugal, India or Iran like Shahrzad. And the teams are also challenged with different projects: internal consulting, working and presenting requested projects. "For example, I had requests from EDP Inovação for the internationalization of REDY. I also worked with EDP Produção, a study of interconnection of Portugal and I went to EDP Labelec," she explains.


Applications received in the first two editions of the program


Trainees trained at EDP in three editions


Months of internship in the EDP Trainee Program

Diogo Trindade was in the third year of Aerospace Engineering when he realized that physics, planes and aerodynamics were not for him. He changed to Industrial Management, and at the end of the degree he applied for a curricular internship at EDP Distribuição in Lisbon. It was the last thing that was missing to enter the job market. "My counselor said that the company was going to open applications for the EDP Trainee Program. I did not hesitate", said the 27 years old youngster.

The EDP Trainee Program is a suit tailored for the dreams of those making a path into the working world. A paid internship program that was born in 2012 and which invests in vocational training, but also personal, and sharing the know-how of the company and its culture. Training and constant focus on professional, technical and personal development of the employees is an integral part of the culture of EDP. 

Just like Diogo Hugo Laranjeira, a 28 years old engineer, that learned of the program's existence when he was still doing an internship at EDP's headquarters in Porto. He had undergone some career training in the Group, he was imbued within the company and was completely familiar with it. He submitted his application and was called to the recruitment process. "We had several phases: you'd need to know how to express ideas well, to be more creative or to fearlessly face other candidates. It was extensive, but stimulating," he describes.

When she read the program's description, Ioana Ratiu, 28 years old, didn't want to lose the opportunity either. She had completed an MBA a year before and was working in a company in Lisbon, but was looking for new challenges. "It is a very interesting program because it has rotation. At the same time, I knew that this type of program invests heavily in employee training. It was a challenge," she says.

Diogo Trindade


"This is the best program for junior positions, I have no doubt. The people in universities already have an idea of the quality of this program. Our progress, with the diversity and turnover, as well as the exposure, are very important. "

Diogo Trindade

Diogo Trindade
Hugo Laranjeira

"In addition to the curriculum, it is important creativity, how we hold opinions and defend ideas, how we relate and work in groups, the ability to solve problems, soft skills and emotional intelligence. You have to escape the common thinking and know how to express differently and eloquently."

Hugo Laranjeira

Hugo Laranjeira

During the 23 months of training, there are two figures who take an important role in the whole process: on the one hand, the tutor who accompanies the
trainee in the whole process, guiding him/her and evaluating him/her in the area of Business; otherwise the mentor, whose main function is to take the
trainee to question himself and to reflect on his options, with a particular focus on personal development.

The EDP Trainee Program rests on three fundamental pillars: continuous learning, job rotation and challenging projects. The program encompasses a number of actions of training and development that allow the trainee to get to know the EDP business, acquire expertise on the energy sector, and enhance personal and professional skills.

To get an overview of the EDP Group, develop technical knowledge and enhance networking, each trainee passes through 3 areas of business in a job rotation logic on a global scale. In each of the 3 business areas, the trainee has the opportunity to demonstrate their energy and potential, to be inserted in challenging and relevant projects for the EDP Group.

To create a real-time feedback dynamic and a learning and continuous improvement dynamic, the trainees and tutors are accompanied by Mentors throughout the program.

Manuela Silva


"This possibility of making available all our knowledge to these young people is very interesting"

Manuela Silva (mentora)

Manuela Silva
Aurelio Blanquet

"To mentor is to challenge them to make a path that may be different."

Aurélio Blanquet (mentor)

Aurelio Blanquet

The program also assigns a buddy to every trainee. "If they have any doubts, whether about the projects, or with the team, they often come to me and ask for my opinion," describes Diogo Trindade, who participated in the second edition of EDP Trainee Program and now helps new colleagues to integrate in the company. It is to him that Catarina Oliveira, trainee of the 3rd edition, goes to whenever she has any questions. "In a more technical part of the project, I gave her some inputs, and it went well, ", explains Diogo.

How is a EDP Trainee?

  • Anticipates the change in an uncertain context
  • Builds collectively in a Global world
  • Delivers results in a competitive environment

After finishing the EDP Trainee Program, Diogo, Hugo and Ioana joined the company's staff. Today, Hugo is a manager of low and medium voltage power grid constructions in the management of customer network in EDP Distribuição, in Porto. Diogo is in the loyalty department and customer care while Loana is responsible for B2C energy services. They bump into each other several times in the hallway of the second floor of the new EDP headquarters in Lisbon.

Aware of the opportunity, young people make long-term plans for their trajectory in the company. "EDP is a company that allows me, due to its scope in terms of business, geography and business culture itself, to do many different things, ” said Hugo Laranjeira. Ioana wants to keep growing in the EDP Comercial and to lead in the costumer area. Five years from now, Diogo Trindade expects to be reporting to a post directly from head management and to keep focused on EDP Comercial. "EDP gives good conditions to workers so that they feel good", he says.

And there is no shortage of praise for the project. "The program is spectacular. It is becoming very stratospheric in level of first-entry trainee in a company that is fulfilling its purpose as positioning in the top of the mind of students, "said Diogo. The possibility of mobility not only in Portugal but in other countries and other companies of the Group. "In two years, you will have an unbelievable resume," he adds. Shahrzad already speaks a few words in Portuguese and found a place to stay a few meters from the headquarters. "It's going very well but I want more. Maybe I'll go to another country with EDP. I'd love to go to Sao Paulo."