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In lieu of the recent measures implemented regarding COVID-19 and with EDP’s contingency plan in effect, we request you to use the digital channels and contact us through the email for us to guarantee a timely response to everyone.

Kindly only use the Easy4U helpline strictly only when necessary.

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An application that allows all suppliers to search the payment dates of their invoices*. This service is available through a Chatbot and allows the supplier to access your invoice information 24/7. Faster and easier! To access, install the Skype application (not for Business), search for "askedp.supplier" and search for your invoice. *only invoices registered at SAP Portugal.

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SRM - Access Portal

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In the EDP Group, the Corporate System of Supplier Registration works as the support to research and supplier selection by providing detailed information, validated and updated by credible sources in order to guarantee their accreditation through criteria of risk, quality and sustainability.

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If you have already registered in the EDP Group Suppliers Registration System, you can use this area to log in to your account and modify or update your registration data.
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