Rewarding Excellence

The EDPartners initiative represents a continuous quest for excellence, recognizing the best suppliers within the EDP Group and the internationalization of our partners in the regions where we operate. Organizations that strive for excellence are those that invest in the satisfaction of their stakeholders through what they do, the way they do it, and their future potential to do so.

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CEO Message

In such a demanding reality as we are currently experiencing, a limited perspective of financial results is not sufficient. In order to guarantee differentiation among competitors, it is essential that organisations involve all their stakeholders in their vision and activity.

In order to reinforce the relationship with its suppliers and reward the best practices and ideas, EDP has since 2012, promoted the initiative, EDPartners, which includes the EDPartners Awards and the EDPartners Roadshows, involving over 200 Companies.

EDP is a world leader in the energy sector and it has a clear vision of its role in society and what its relationship should be with its stakeholders, specifically its suppliers. We have always defended concepts, such as innovation, good practices and social responsibility. By creating opportunities for our suppliers, we believe that we are maximising our contribution to society.

The focus on these values led to this initiative, which we hope will be successful and contribute to the differentiation of our suppliers and the development of the Portuguese economy.

See you soon,

António Mexia


The organisations which stand for excellence are those which are committed to satisfying their stakeholders through what they do, the way they do it and the potential future of doing it.

At a time when network and collaborative activity is the key to success, the value EDP produces is increasingly determined by the performance of its suppliers. Suppliers are crucial to the Group’s success, having a significant impact on the relationship EDP has with its clients, the ability to innovate, the adoption of sustainable development and prevention and safety policies and strategically contributing to maintaining EDP as a leader in its sectors of activity.

Within this context, the objective of EDPartners is to continuously seek excellence through the recognition of the best suppliers in the EDP Group and the projection of our partners’ internationalisation in the locations where we operate.

For that reason, EDP established the EDPartners awards to promote good practices in key areas for the competiveness of our suppliers and the EDP Group. EDPartners Roadshows promote national suppliers to companies in the markets where EDP is active, through a group of networking events Strategic alignment with stakeholders is fundamental for organisations to attain their objectives. At EDP, we see that alignment not only as a necessity, but also as an opportunity both for the company and its partners.